Coffee and Vanilla Manga Ending Explained

Coffee & Vanilla is a popular Japanese romance manga series written by Takara Akegami. It was first serialized in the magazine “Cheese!” under the demographic “Josei” and published by Shogakukan’s imprint “Flower Comics” in 2015. The story revolves around Risa Shiragi, a beautiful university student with a timid personality, who becomes attracted to a mature and heroic businessman named Hiroto Fukami after he rescues her from a stalker. They start dating, and their relationship faces various challenges and obstacles throughout the series. 

Manga Ending Scenes

I read the whole manga at manganelo. It has an engaging and connective story. The Coffee and Vanilla manga ending is about the events of chapters 80 and 81. 

There are 2 weeks left for graduation of Risa. Risa and Yoshikiun move together along the way. Both decide to be friends after graduation. Risa comes home, where Hiroto Fukami opens the door. Hiroto Fukami says he has work from home, and then he shows Risa the clothes he orders for her graduation ceremony. He comes closer to Risa and whispers in her ears. Hiroto selected the traditional black dress for Risa. Everyone looks at her as Hiroto tells her. Hiroto has a workload, and Hiroto and Yuki resolve the future problem. 

When Hiroto appears with a flower bookey and a good dress, Risa is about to reach the hall and says sorry for being late. He then hugs her and congratulates her. Both sit inside the hall, and Hiroto picks Risa up while leaving. Hiroto whispers that he kidnaps her wife and then goes back home. 

Coffee and Vanilla Manga Ending Explained has open ends were tied up, and the main characters found their happy endings.


The Japanese drama “Coffee & Vanilla” is a romantic live-action manga adaptation. It revolves around the relationship between Shiragi Risa, a naive 20-year-old girl, and Fukami Hiroto, a 30-year-old businessman. They navigate an age-gap romance with ups and downs. They go on a date, and Risa falls for Hiroto, accepting his push-and-pull seduction tactics. After a brief phone call with a female voice in the background, Risa realizes Hiroto has a mysterious past. Risa’s classmate Yoshiki develops feelings for her but faces Hiroto’s warning. Hiroto builds a tea room for Risa and shares his love-at-first-sight story with her. Risa becomes a model for Akutsu’s restaurant, but Hiroto comes on time to protect her from harassment.

Coffee and Vanilla what is Hiroto dark past

Takaaki Akutsu, a young entreprenur and friend of Hiroto meet Risa. Hiroto changes the way of Risa and avoids the Akutsu. Then, Akutsu meet Risa the next day in the tea room. Akutsu talks with Risa about the dark past of Hiroto. Akutsu says that Hiroto never loves someone. Hiroto met several girls in the past and left them. Akutu tries his best to convince Risa that Akutsu does not love him. 

Coffee and Vanilla age rating

IMDb placed the tv series version of Coffee and Vanilla from 13+. Teenagers can watch and understand the Coffee and Vanilla Drama. The Coffee and Vanilla targets young adult women with smut, drama and romance 18+ manga to read. 

Coffee and Vanilla Season 2

Many fans are curious about the possibility of a Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 after the success of the 2019 Japanese drama. However, there is no official confirmation, and it is about three years after the arrival of the first season. Get to know about The Samurai Champloo Ending Explained.

Coffee and Vanilla manga review

Coffee and Vanilla manga fall under the demographic category of Shoujo, targeting a young female audience. The manga has gained moderate popularity, with 9,783 members on MyAnimeList and a ranking of #1841 in popularity. Some readers have praised the art, while others find it limited or mediocre.

On MyAnimeList, it has an average score of 7.161 out of 10, based on 2,941 user ratings, ranking it at #624322 on the top manga page. On Anime-Planet, a reviewer praised the chemistry between Risa and Fukami, describing it as a healthy relationship and giving the story a 7/10 rating. A reviewer on Goodreads shares that plot is quite common and with nothing new but engage the typical audience. 

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