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Famous Maine Coon Cats

Famous Maine Coon Cats: 6 Recommendations


Maine coon is one of the most famous cat breeds in the world. These cats are more significant than the other cats. The fierce, wild-looking cat is very friendly with a big brain. So, the famous Maine Coon cats are Luna & Louie, Omar, Bruno, Sebastian, Lotus, and Vincen. Every favorite Maine cat has a unique style, activities and posing style.

Maine coon is one of the oldest cat breeds in America, and the breed originates from the US state named Maine. This cat breed is so friendly, loves to play with kids, and quickly becomes a part of the family. However, Maine coon does not like relocation; it becomes aggressive in the beginning when it shifts to a new owner’s house. The cat is smart enough to learn new skills and tricks. You can train the Main cat with ease.

Thanks to social media, many Maine coon cats have become popular due to their looks, cute activities, and unique posture. Here is the list of the top 6 Maine Coon cats with details and Instagram IDs.

Luna & Louie

Luna & Louie, the pair of two best buddies, is one of the most popular Maine Coon cats on Instagram. The account has over 18.1k followers on Instagram. These cats love to wander near their house and bring loveable, cute, and naughty videos for their followers. Luna is a spicy ginger with a stylish attitude, whereas Louie is a handsome teddy who knows how to pose for the camera.

If you want inspiration about having a cat pet, watch their videos on Instagram. The description of this account is so accurate.


Omar is a lovely giant cat who loves curling and playing with his family. His account has 151k followers on Instagram. It indicates how much people love watching his activities online. Omar is ridiculously photogenic and never misses a pose whenever an opportunity arises. His unique brown and white coat color makes him stand out from the other cats of his breed. The way he looks at the camera is fantastic.


Bruno is a black Maine coon who loves to lay with his partner, Gaspar, a grey cat. Bruno has earned more than 32k Instagram followers today. It is enjoyable to watch his videos and naughty tricks. The way he cuddles with his owner is so adorable. Bruno looks like a gentleman and gives thoughtful gestures while walking. But he is very clever and naughty. You can visit Bruno’s official website to explore his shop.


Angry looks and wrinkles on the forehead make Sebastian a very angry-looking Maine Coon. It is a soft furry coat, and yellow eyes make him distinctive from the other Maine Coons. Sebastian Maine has little of a following on Instagram, but his activities are unique. You can observe him exploring nature with his lady owner. It is always pleasant to watch Sebastian’s charming walk.


Living near the natural beauty, Lotus is enjoying his life as a pet. This silver and brown Maine coon is so adorable and beautiful that you would love to watch him playing in the woods and grass. The cat also socializes with other cats and dresses up according to different events.

Lotus’s silver beauty attracted more than 327k followers from around the globe. It is one of the most famous Maine Coon cats. He loves to go for a walk daily and share his stylish, charming walk with his followers. Sometimes, he faces difficulties in winter when there’s snow outside, but the boy enjoys this situation, too.


Vincent looks more like a little black panther instead of a Maine coon. The cat is a treat to watch. His yellow eyes make him charming, and he looks best in a black coat. 133k people on Instagram follow Vincent. Vincet has amazing yawning and drinking videos. The owners of the Vincent are a young couple. You can see the young couple with cats in different videos.


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