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How to become a Freelance Writer in Australia

How to become a Freelance Writer in Australia? Complete Answered!


Due to immense progress and developments in the world, the need for freelance writers is also increasing daily. Magazines, newsrooms, websites, and businesses are hiring writers to create effective articles, news, and ads copy for them. The writers use their fluency and ability to write down things to write engaging content as per the instructions given by the client. So, how to become a freelance writer in Australia?

You can become a freelance writer in Australia through take writing course, choose writing groups, choose your area of interest, build portfolio, grow network and search for remote jobs.

Here we will discuss the pathway that will tell you how to become a freelance writer in Australia. Just stick to this article to find out the necessary steps in detail.

Become a Freelance Writer in Australia

Freelance writing has many exciting advantages over other careers. If you love writing and want to do it on your terms, there is no better way than being a freelance writer.  Let’s have a look at the factors that you must consider becoming a successful freelance writer in Australia.

Take any Writing Course

Everyone can be a writer, but it is not possible without setting up a proper skill. You require to know about the basics of writing and know about the different types of freelance writing. Any writing course can help you to improve your understanding of the reasons to write. You can get work as freelance writer of any genre like fiction, nonfiction. We can choose the topics of our undergraduate subjects at first to exercise the writing. As you get experience as a freelance writer, you have more choice to select the project and handle the workload.

Discover Writing Groups

As a writer in Australia, you can discover different writing groups that can help you to improve your writings. You have the opportunity to meet other writers and understand their approach to monetize their written content. For example, Sydney Write, Central Coast Creative Writers Group, Gold Coast Creative Writing Meetup Group or Writers SA. The regular meetings with the other writers also motivate you to explore your writing approach.

Choose the Niche of Interest

Freelance writing is not bound to some specific niches. It is a very vast field that allows you to choose your desired topics. So, the first thing you should do is choose a niche that attracts you the most. It will help you to write more engaging content without taking any burden. No matter which niches you would choose, you will find potential buyers online. But make sure to have a good command of that typical niche first.

Create a Strong Portfolio

Your portfolio will decide the amount you will get after every assignment. So, create a very strong and effective portfolio. You can leverage this on different online freelance platforms by fulfilling the requirements of your clients.

Creating your blog or website is also a better option to show off your talent and skills to the world. Write engaging and informative blogs on every development taking place in your selected niche that will help you to attract more potential agencies from all over the globe. You can also create profiles on different platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn and optimize it. The optimized freelancing profile attracts potential clients that can give you long term and related projects of your interests.

Build your Network

Networking can help you a lot if you want to become a freelance writer in Australia. Create an effective network of your industry fellows and share your thoughts with them. It will help you to approach people who are searching for writers from your selected niche.

Social media platforms are the best tool for networking at present time. You can leverage them and make a noticeable presence in your industry. 

For this, join communities, groups, and like pages and participate in discussions. Connect with the other writers and make a relationship with them. You can ask for feedback, suggestions, and advice from the published writers to start an interaction. Participate in online seasons and share your thoughts whenever you get a chance. We can take part in any national level competitions like Griffin Award, Not Quite Write Prize, Australian Book Review Calibre Essay Prize or Jennifer Burbidge Short Story Award. There is an entry fee for every competition, but you will get recognized as a quality writer.

Search for Remote Jobs

Freelance writing means freedom from the office and boss. So, whenever you see an ad where someone is looking for a ghostwriter or offering work from home, must apply there. Always keep an updated resume ready and email it whenever you see a job opportunity.

Even rejection will teach you something that you were doing wrong. Fix this fault and apply again to secure a good job. Target the keywords that belong to your niche white writing for a job proposal, it will help you stand out from the other candidates.

The above-mentioned simple steps can help you find the answer to the question of how to become a freelance writer in Australia. Just consider them and make amendments where needed.

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