The Heroine had an Affair with my Fiance Spoiler [Complete Explained]

The heroine had an affair with my Fiance Spoiler covers the meeting of Ciela with Lord Ren. Lord Ren enters Ciela’s room through the window. Ciela hugs a tiny black dragon that becomes Lord Ren later. Ciela wants to end the relationship with Lord Ren due to her family’s re-engagement pressure. Lord Ren hugs Ciela and convinces her of his love for her. The emblem in the new palace resonates with the cheating affair emblem.

The heroine had an affair with my Fiance is a best graphic novel that shares the unique romance and fantasy story of a female protagonist named Ciela. She is from a high noble family. Her fiance cheated on her with her close friend. She is upset about the cheating affair and joins the guild to find evidence of the cheating through magic. In this read, Frobeso shares that The Heroine had an Affair with my Fiance story recap with the exciting spoiler.

Chapter 1 Spoiler

Long ago, an evil dragon came into the kingdom and killed many people. Humans decide to kill the dragon with the help of warriors. The evil dragon loses in defeat due to the fierce battle. Evil dragon courses the leader, the warriors and the first emperor. The crown prince became the most powerful person in the history of the Empire a few centuries later. The emperor does his best to end the course and tries to change his fate. prince gets a proposal from an innocent young girl who saves the prince through her purification power.

Ciela sat at his table, writing the plot of the novel. Her fiance, Duvel Essit, is the novel villain who cheats on his fiance. The Crown King put Duvel Essit to death. Duvall’s wife is going to die with him because she is married to him. Ciela changes the story’s plot and decides to save the female lead who suffers from slums. Ciela wants to break from her fiance and put him in her story. Tyrael suggests that Ciela put her fiance in the crown family. The Crown Prince is the original lover of the princess in the original novel. Tyrael hugs the prince as he comes inside Lord Essit. Cielal watches it with amazement. Essit says that he wants to break the engagement with Tyrael. Celia is excited about the currency situation, which excites her about the story.

The Heroine had an Affair with my Fiance Spoiler

Chapter 2 Spoiler

Ciela goes outside and worries about her fiance cheating. Cielia is concerned about being stuck in the story, and it reminds her of her past life. Someone sent a letter about the meeting between the crown prince and Tyrael. Ciela decides to write a letter to the crown prince but is frustrated about the crown prince’s relationship interests. Ciela writes a letter to the fiance of her best friend with her fiance. She thought that cheating partners should date each other.

Cielia worries about not receiving the letter from the crown prince in the last two weeks. She decides that Tirielle is the main lead of her novel, with two or three female leads. Mae is the personal maid of Ciela. Mae is angry about knowing about the cheating of Lord Essit and Tyrael. Ciela asks her maid to calm down. Mae gives Ciela the Emblem of the guild. The guild helps to end the love of the lovers. Mae shares her experience of completing the love in her marriage.

Mae brings Ciela to the guild and warns her about the Master of the guild. Suddenly, the guild master appears from behind and surprises them. The Master asks about the client, but Mae changes her mind. Mae convinces Ciela to go back. Ciela decides to go with the Master, and Mae requests the Master not to be harsh on Ciela. Master already knows about her fiance and princess. Ciela does not want to punish them. Ciela is surprised that the Master knows it all.

Chapter 3 Spoiler

The Master’s name is Leider. Ciela asks the Master to find proof of the cheating. Leider fails to see the evidence and says that he created the cult to break up the Duval. Lord Essit uses the dark guild to erase the evidence. Leider mentions that someone came to his guilt in the case of a revenge affair. Leider accepts that he is not the Master of the guild.

Ciela decides to meet the unusual guest, the Master of the guild. Ciela demands the Master to take off his mask. In reply, the Master requires Ciela to take off her mask. The Master removes his mask without being rude. Master asks about the letter he received about the affair of his fiance. Ciela gets shocked to learn about the similarities between her story and the Master. She expects him to be the crown prince. Master takes the advice from Ciela about receiving a proposal for the first time.

Ciela predicts that the young lady may have misunderstood. Master has not yet accepted the proposal of the young lady. Master does not know about the young lady yet because he received the proposal from her. Ciela predicts that the young lady may visit the guild soon. Ciela says that she has no secret intent about the Master. She is here to help him. The Master becomes suspicious and comes closer to removing her mask.

Chapter 39 Spoiler

In the The Heroine had an Affair with my Fiance second last chapter Spoiler, there is a sunshine on the Imperial Palace. The nobility gathers here to participate in the award ceremony. The award is given to the lady who contributed to the Empire that year. The nobles risk their lives for honors and to impress the Empress. Ciela has the most chances to review the award because she sponsors the event. Ciela feels uncomfortable seeing Tyrael. Tyrael feels that Ciela is still upset with her.

He apologizes for what happened to the crown prince. Tyrael starts crying and hugs Ciela for forgiveness. People hate Tyrael, but they respect her now because of her work in treatment. Tyrael mentions that people change their minds if they do good things. Ciela accepts that her guilty feelings are meaningless. Tyrael takes Ciela’s remarks as a compliment. Noble women gossip that the Empress had already selected Tyrael as the winner. Empress will get power from Tyrael’s purification magic. The winner is decided. The Empress enters halfway in a beautiful red dress. Because of her reputation, Ciela always expects an empress to be the right person.

The Empress says everyone is valuable and does their best for the Empire. The Empress Ciela was the summer star of the year. She asks Ciela to come up the stairs. Empress thanks Ciela for creating the magic tool called Scroll. The Empress invites Ciela to have tea with her. Ciela feels uncomfortable about the Empress.

The Heroine had an affair with my Fiance Latest Spoiler

Ciela talks to many people after the end of the ceremony. Ciela worries why the Empress rewards her instead of God. The housekeeper requests Ciela to start her preparations. Ciela is anxious about the empress’ involvement, which will impact her future. Her future impacts the Count Valentine or Duval Essit. Mae worries about the sickness of Ciela. Ciela does not want to show that she is scared. The small dragon from the window comes inside.

The Heroine had an Affair with my Fiance

Ciela is happy to see the small dragon. She loves to share her life challenges with the dragon. The little dragon is Lord Ren—Ciela shares about winning the Summer Star award and an invitation to have tea with the princess. Lord Ren wants to write and is looking for a pen. Ciela wants Lord Ren to be his original human form. Ciela’s parents pressured her to re-engage. She wants to end the contract with Lord Ren. Lord Ren comes closer to Ciela and hugs her tightly. Ciela feels a connection with Lord Ren. A new palace appears, and we see the emblem.

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