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Tips On How To Select Your Signature Color

Tips On How To Select Your Signature Color


Do you have a signature color? Many people will say yes because they look good in black or white, for example. Sorry to burst your bubble, but everybody looks good in black and white. Signature colors are combinations of colors that highlight your beauty. These colors go far beyond black and white as they encompass the entire color spectrum. They can also be shades of different colors that make your outfits stand out.

The right color combination can give you a significant confidence boost. As easy as it sounds, finding your signature color can be a bit challenging. Many people have spent lots of time and resources but still can’t figure out theirs. If you are one of those people, luck has found you because below. We will discuss some essential tips for choosing signature colors.

Tips For Selecting Your Go-to Hue 

Read on for tips for finding your signature color and rearranging your wardrobe.

Modify Your Favorite Color

Contrary to popular belief, your favorite color isn’t necessarily your signature. For example, your favorite color can be red, while your signature color may end up being navy blue and yellow. Despite this, favorite colors still play a vital role in your choice of signature colors. It has been proven that people with dark favorite colors tend to have dark signature colors. This means that for most people, their signature colors are centered around their favorite colors. This is where a personal color analysis comes in handy. You can use websites like this to determine your signature color.

Consider Your Skin Complexion 

When picking your signature color, what most people don’t tell you is that your skin hue matters. Because of your skin tone, your friends may look pretty in blue dresses, and you may not. To understand your skin complexion in relation to your go-to hue, you must know your undertone. Everyone’s undertone is separated into warm and cold. If you look good in gloomy gold, then you are on the warm side, and if silver fits you best, then you are on the cold side. Wherever you find yourself, know that these undertones define the types of clothes you wear. Cold undertone means light and bright hues like yellow, pink, and white. In contrast, warm undertones can be linked to deeper colors like gray, navy blue, and burgundy.

Eyes Hue Pattern 

The fashion industry has, for a long time, been using the eye to identify the hue signatures of people. They use this trick to pick out clothes that bring out the elegance in their models. As someone who is not a fashion expert looking to wear the best shades, here is how you do it. When you look at your beautiful eyes in the mirror, pick out every color you can find. Match these colors with your complexion. The closest match will be your signature hue.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing your signature hue is always a challenging task. Even though it can be stressful, it is highly rewarding. With the tips above, you can find and choose the right color with ease.

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