What is Annapolis famous for? Explained!

Annapolis is a well known town and a capital of Maryland state. It is one of first colonial capital cities that bring cultural and historical value. The east coast makes it an important city for trading throughout history. Most of the time, people underrate Annapolis to compare it from the neighboring towns of Washington and Baltimore. Annapolis has a rich history, landmarks, bay area for sailing, safety and high standards of living. In this read, we discuss about What Annapolis is famous for. 

The headquarters of famous American pizza company, LEDO Pizza, is located in this town. Famous celebrities like Bobby Allison and Washington senators dined at Ledo Restaurant in the 1950s. It is famous climate solutions company Hannon Armstrong has headquarters in Annapolis. The town has a Medical Center named Anne Arundel. This medical centre ranked sixth among the top Hospitals of the Maryland state. The famous college campus of the town is St John’s College that provides liberal arts curriculums. As a traveller, you can find countless historical landmarks throughout Annapolis like the Maryland State House. It is the first peacetime capitol of America where important decisions of American history were made. 

Wine Tasting

Annapolis is famous for wine tasting wineries. You can visit any of the best wineries for a wine tasting experience. You will find different fermented local drinks that you may never taste before. We get the best samples and opportunity to smell before taking a sip. You can visit multiple whiners in a single day and explore your wine choices. The famous wineries of Annapolis are Great Frogs and Romano Vineyard. Great Frogs Winery can give you complete wine creation process experience. They have beautiful farms of different colours of grapes. 

United States Naval Academy

United States Naval Academy is one of the most selective schools in the nation with a 7% acceptance rate. The academy trains the  U.S. Navy and Marine Corps from 1985. You can visit the historical places of the academy on your tour. As a fitness enthusiast,you can also visit the Naval academy gym to know about athletic programs. The academy has a statue of Native American chief Tecumseh who opposed the United States in 1812. 

You can also visit the crypt of John Paul Jones. He is an American Revolution naval hero. He is considered the father of the American navy and famous for his courage in the sea battles against Britians. You can view the disciplined parade of midshipmen. Tourists get both walking and water tour options. 

You can get a water journey of Annapolis Harbor that has historical importance. The city dock brings attraction to tourists. It is the best place for boat enthusiasts. You can hire a private boat and can explore the bay area by yourself.

William Paca House and Garden

The William Paca House and Garden is a five-part Georgian mansion built in the 1760s by William Paca. It is one of  finest 18th-century homes in the country and a National Historic Landmark.  The William Paca House and Garden offers free admission to active-duty military personnel and their families as part of the Blue Star Museums program.  The two-acre colonial William Paca Garden is meticulously restored. It features native and heirloom plants, terraced landscapes, and a charming Summerhouse. Read about What is Bruce Lee famous for?

Dutch Farmers’ Market

We can visit the Amish Market in Annapolis, MD, for locally grown produce and a variety of traditional Amish products. It offers products made with traditional PA Dutch recipes. We can enjoy a wide range of foods, including fresh produce, salads, candies, homemade snacks, desserts, cheeses, meats, barbeque, fried chicken, bulk foods, and Hershey’s Ice Cream.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market in Annapolis Harbor Center is open on Thursdays, Fridays (9 AM to 6 PM), and Saturdays (8:30 AM to 3 PM). 

Historical Museums

Homes of Maryland’s four signers of the Declaration of Independence can be found along the brick-lined streets. Annapolis grow more 18th-century through brick buildings. It is more of towns of similar size in the U.S. Outside tours at places like the William Paca House and Garden and Historic London Town and Gardens offer insights into colonial Annapolis.

The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park opened to the public four months ago. The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture has welcomed one million visitors since its September 2016 opening. There are local stories at heritage sites near Annapolis, featuring African American history. The Wiley H. Bates Legacy Center preserves the history of the only African American high school in Anne Arundel County. We can Learn about Kunta Kinte and Alex Haley’s legacy at the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial.

Eastport Bridge

“Prime Minister” Leon Wolfe and Eastport dignitaries marched across the bridge to meet Annapolis Mayor Dean Johnson and city officials. Eastport residents pushed for an early bridge reopening, showing good sportsmanship. Anne Arundel County legislators supported Eastport’s “freedom” from Annapolis.  A Reunification Ball plan at the Clipper Restaurant in Eastport to celebrate the occasion.

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