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What is the Purpose of Vivid Sydney

What is the Purpose of Vivid Sydney? Complete Answered!


Festivals tell the most about the culture, nature, and traditions of a country. It tells about the past, present, and future of a nation. Though most festivals belong to religious activities, there are many festivals that celebrate on the national level without any religious influence. The Vivid Sydney is one of the most popular festivals in Australia which held every year from end of May to mid-June. It is a festival of lights, art, music, and creativity that transforms Sydney into a beautiful dream valley every year. So, what is the purpose of Vivid Sydney? The purpose of Vivid Sydney is to celebrate creativity, innovation, technology, and art through a series of events of the experts for 23 days. Anthony Bastic starts Vivid Sydney to light up Sydney, Music events or Expert talk events in 2009.

The famous landmarks in Sydney, along with the whole city, are beautifully decorated with lights by the best event designers of the country. This festival also provides a platform for artists all over the world to highlight their talent and contact new event designers.

The light works are free to watch for everyone. You have to buy the tickets for different events in advance to participate in your desired event. Some tourists get the ticket for a river cruise to enjoy the whole view of the area. Get to know about What is the Adelaide Fringe Festival now.


Now, to understand the purpose of celebrating Vivid Sydney, we have to learn about the history of this lighting festival.

Anthony Bastic, a well-known Australian event designer decided to light up Sydney, especially its famous Opera House, the same way he saw London in 2007.

At that time, he was also the CEO of Destination New South Wales, which is the leading governmental origination in charge of tourism in the state. He wanted to show the originality, creativity, and beauty of Sydney to the world and attract more tourists to the state of New South Wales.

The first version of this festival was held in 2009 when two sides of the iconic Opera House were decorated with beautiful lights. A music event was also held in the Royal Botanic Garden which is a closer site to the Opera House.

Moreover, talks and debates are organized where the creative thinkers share their thoughts with the public. The first version was so successful, that made the path for a consistent annual festival in Sydney. 

Timing of Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney is going to be held from 24 May to 15 June in 2024. Vivid Sydney is celebrated every year from the end dates of May to middle dates of June. This is actually the departure of autumn and the arrival of winter in that part of the world. This time period is selected because there are so less chances of rain during that period of time. The organizers are so wise that they never want a part of the festival to wash out with rain. 

Vivid Light

The primary objective of initiating Vivid Sydney was to light the famous landmarks in Sydney. This is the most essential part of the festival.

All the famous landmarks in Sydney including Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, and Taronga Zoo. These places are decorated with beautiful lighting artwork by the best artists with trendy styles.

The festival spread to the suburbs of Sydney, and now the Royal Botanic Garden and The Circular Quay light up every year.

Vivid Music

Another attraction to Vivid Sydney is a series of concerts that usually take place in Sydney Central Business District. Artists from Australia and all over the globe perform in these concerts. You have the choice to choose the music of your genre. It is from pop, punk, rock, heavy metal, Jazz, country music or hip hop.

Vivid Talks

A bunch of talks and presentations given by experts about innovation, the future of technologies, the role of AI, and creativity. Ideas sharing is also an essential part of this glorious festival. It is a wonderful opportunity to improve your wisdom, knowledge, and expertise with the opinions of the experts. Besides technology, there are many other current world issues being discussed such as health, global warming, economy, and finance.

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