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What makes Emma Chamberlain famous

What makes Emma Chamberlain famous? Complete Answered!


YouTube has become a popular tool, not only to learn new things, entertainment, or information but also to gain fame overnight. A vlogger can become the Media personality through valuable content. The young generation is choosing this platform to make their dreams true; Emma Chamberlain has unique reasons to get fame and recognition as a GenZ influencer. So, what makes Emma Chamberlain famous? The answer to What makes Emma Chamberlain famous lies in the style she adopted and, in fact, invented. Emma Chamberlain started making YouTube videos in a modern style which has become the most popular genre at the present time. She started Vlogging herself, her routines, and her failure by adding attention with meme-y sounds and funny transitions. 

Who is Emma Chamberlain?

Emma Chamberlain is an American YouTuber, social media influencer, media personality, and entrepreneur who made his way to the list of “30 under 30” by Forbes. She has over twelve million subscribers on her YouTube channel and gained over one and a half billion views.

But she did not get fame overnight she had to work hard to get this status. Initially, she started making videos on makeup and fashion, just like many other YouTubers were doing at that time. But then there came a turning point that has helped Emma Chamberlain to become a social media star.

Relatable and Authentic

Even being the brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton, she shows her pimples and skincare routine instead of highlighting the articles of LV. Emma Chamberlain is also the new brand ambassador of French luxurious skincare and makeup brand Lancôme in 2023. This thing makes Emma more relatable as compared to any other, and everyone feels like he is watching his friend or a person from his circle. She does endorsements for multiple fashion brands.

Chamberlain Coffee

Emma Chamberlain owns an online mail mail-order coffee company, “Chamberlain Coffee,” that she launched in 2019. On Chamberlain Coffee’s online store, you can choose from a variety of coffee beans, tea, and other essentials related to these items. The 22-year-old influencer is now a businessperson who is achieving success in the business field too.

The Sister Squad

In 2018, Emma Chamberlain started “The Sister Squad” with fellow YouTubers, James Charles, and The Dolan Twins. This YouTube show gained popularity overnight and nominated for the YouTube Ensemble Shorty Award in 2019. However, due to the tough schedule of them, the show closed. 

Emma Chamberlain now shifted towards more documentary videos. She is taking a break from his signature style of videos and wants her followers not to get bored. But this is the editing skill that has still managed to make her content relevant and entertaining.

Since 2019, she is also doing a weekly podcast, Anything Goes, too. The name of this podcast was Stupid Genius, but afterward, it changed. In her podcasts, Emma Chamberlain has covered the issues of youth with solution, reaction, and suggestions.

Emma Family & Siblings

Emma Chamberlain never speaks about his family and personal life often. She keeps it secret always, not for security issues but for moral reasons, as Emma Chamberlain said once.

Emma Borns on May 22, 2001, in a city of California named San Bruno. She is the only child which means she has no siblings. Emma Chamberlain’s parents get divorced when she is five years old. Her parents are the huge part of her life. Her father is a painter, and her mother is a flight coordinator. They support the Emma’s decision to become a social media influencer.

Final Wrapping

To influence the world, you must be different and innovative. That is what Emma Chamberlain has done. Emma Chamberlain became famous for his unique vlogging style and editing skills. Her invented genre became the most adopted Vlogging style for the past few years.

Being different is the only thing that has made a 22-year-old YouTuber the brand ambassador of one of the world’s most admired brands “Louis Vuitton”. She is also running an online Coffee Company “Chamberlain Coffee.

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