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Who Kidnapped the Empress Spoiler

Who Kidnapped the Empress Spoiler [Complete Explained]


Who Kidnapped the Empress Spoiler covers the meeting of Tamon with his younger brother Georgie. Rose tries to resolve the conflict between the two brothers and presents them with gifts. 

Who kidnapped the Empress has a romance manhwa in which a young prince saves the Empress of the Tanatos Empire. The husband of the empress has a crucial plan to kill the Empress for power. Who Kidnapped the Empress is the original work of Lee Jihye and art of Muhly. The blog post covers the details of the unique story of Who kidnapped the Empress. 

Who Kidnapped the Empress Storyline

A woman is ready to accept her death in a snowstorm because she has no reason to live. Her family and friends are no more. A handsome man appears and tells the empress about her death sentence. The gentleman picked up the empress. He says that if the empress does not need her life, she should give it to him. He picks the empress up and says that the empress belongs to him now. 

Who Kidnapped the Empress Chapter 1 Spoiler

Three months later, a beautiful lady tries to convince the prince to kill the empress in the Tanatos empire. The Tanatos empire is the empire of snow and gold. Everything in the empire belongs to the emperor, Gilotti. The emperor cannot do anything without the permission of the empress. A young lady gives the emperor an idea to make the elder brother of the empress a rebel. The empress tries to save her brother and becomes a bad empress. The lady says that put the evidence of treason in the room of the elder brother.

The beautiful lady demands the emperor to kill all the subordinates of the Empress. The name of the beautiful lady is Natasha. Natasha explains to the empress that he should kill everyone the Empress loves. The Empress has the chance to say that Natasha has the baby of the emperor. Natasha explains further that the Empress becomes a bad woman who tries to kill the prince for her power. Natasha spends intimate time with the emperor. She says that the people of the Empress should die. 

Rosel V Empress

Rosel V Sunset is the 17th empress of Tanatos. She is known as the beautiful, precious, and perfect empress. Rosel is also a diplomat who can speak 6 languages. She is a kind empress who builds national hospitals and takes care of poor people. Despite Rosel’s broken leg, everyone loves her. The emperor does not love her even though they have been married for a long time. 

Plan against Empress

Anna knows the intentions of Natasha. She explains it to the Empress. The Empress does not believe in Anna. Our Empress is busy protecting the lives of people. The Empress’s leg broke because she was saving the emperor. The Empress is happy because she is alive. 

Anna mentions that the emperor is so strong and has a passion for protecting others. Anna says that she will be by the side of the empress at all costs. All of their close friends of Empress die due to sickness or accidents. It includes the death of Lady Charlotte, the Interior minister, and Caption of Knights. Anna is the last person Empress left and she does not want to lose her.

The Empress explains that Anna is going to leave her if anything bad happens. The Empress set up a house for Anna. Anna replied that she didn’t want to lose the Rose. The Empress remained quiet after listening to her last name for a long time. 

Ballroom Event

The Empress enters the Ballroom with a stick in her hand. The emperor saw the empress with anger and thought of her as an ugly woman. The emperor says that the Empress should not attend the Ball if her leg hurts. Empress replies that hurt does not mean she cannot walk. Empress explains that people fall but they should not choose the wrong way. The only thing that makes us fall is ourselves. 

The Empress thought that she had to protect her father, mother, and the treasure of sunset. Natasha came towards the Empress. Natasha asks the Empress to punish her. The nobles of 7 countries do not attend the event because Natasha announces that she is the mother of the emperor’s child. The brother of the Empress did something bad for Natasha. Every guest in the hall gets shocked. Natasha put the dagger in the hand of the Empress and fell to the ground. The emperor is really happy to put the Empress in trouble. The emperor yells at the Empress and calls the guards to take her weapon. Natasha tells the Empress that she has a nice trip. 

Chapter 2 Spoiler

A young man from behind is angry with the emperor about this wrong deed with the Empress. The empress is alone even if she spends her whole life dedicated to the empire. Empress may never survive this winter. 

The emperor tortures her to know about The Sunset Family Heirroom. Rosel suffers the pain every day without saying a word. Commoners try to save the Empress. The emperor became angry about the consistent protest of the commoner. There is no information the emperor gets from the Empress. The emperor decides to keep the Empress alive. The emperor ordered the Empress to the Ice Mountain Croatia. He has a present for the Empress. He shows the heads of the Empress’s mother and father. The Empress becomes angry and does not want to forgive the emperor. 

Tamon protects Empress

The young man, Tamon, stands far away from the kingdom in the snow. He became angry about the wrong behavior with the Empress. Tamon finds the Empress the most beautiful, strong, and pitiful. Tamon heading towards the mountains. Empress lies on the snow alone in the extreme cold weather ready to die. She felt sorry about not saving the lives of her brother, father, and mother. All of her people are dead. She tries her best to be a kind empress. Tamon comes to save the empress. He wants to meet the empress sooner. The young man asks the princess if he can take her life if she does not need her life. Tamon kisses the empress. Read about Murim Login Chapter 171 now.

Chapter 54 Spoiler

Rosel and Tamon are on the way sitting on their royal horse cart. Rosel asks Tamon why the cart stops in the way. She wants to go outside and visit the market area. The women at the events gossip about the private lives of Roseland Tamon. Rosel tied up Tamon’s hands for the intimate relationship. Another lady came and stopped the discussion. The women then discuss the writer’s approach to explain the intimate scene. A lot of people like the bondage romance scene. The leather shop ends up with the leader straps. A lot of women buy silver wigs to resonate with the Rosel.  

Roseland Tamon enters the event. Rosel wants to walk alone in the event. Tamon demands a gift from Rosel if she wants him to not follow her. Rosel accepts Tamon’s demand. She feels happy to be alone. Rosel wants to express her feelings and be grateful. Servants show different items to the Rosel. She came outside to Tamon. Tamon wants to see his gift. Rosel says that she will show him the gift tomorrow. Rosel gives the gift to Tamon with the condition. Tamon asks with surprise about the conditions. The next morning comes. Rosel asks Tamon and Cassian to sit. Rosel asks Tamon to cooperate with her.

Who Kidnapped the Empress Chapter 55 Spoiler

In the latest spoiler, Rosel asks Tamon and his brother to sit down. Tamon asks his brother about leaving the town. Roselthanks Georgie for making her healthy back. Rosel has a gift for Georgie. Georgie is happy to see the gift of a training glove. Rosel has conditions for Georgia to accept that gift. The first condition is to never tell Rose That everything belongs to her. The second condition is to say thank you to his brother for getting the medicine.

Tamon asks Georgie to accept the gift. Rosel is happy to connect both brothers. She has no brother left to say thank you. Georgie stands and says that he is grateful for his elder brother. Tamon says that he is not good at expressing his emotions. Tamon tells Georgie to not hate him. Georgie cries and runs away. Rosel smiles to see the gratitude of Georgie and Tamon. Rose Gives the gift to Tamon according to her promise. Roselhas no intention to leave Tampon. People take a lot of relationships from the Tamon. 

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