Why do Men Wear Jockstraps? Explained

The jackstrap is a unique style of men’s underwear that has a covered or pouch front with a strap to the backside. This underwear has no side material that allows easier movement with less restriction. So, why do men wear jockstraps? Most men use jockstraps for ease of motion with complete protection of manhood. You can use it if you have bigger legs. The jockstrap also lifts your butt slight up that is fashionable. Some people use it in case of lower body accidents or bum sweat situations.  

The Jockstrap first design in america for bicycle messengers to pass through the roads of boston. Initially, it is used by professional athletes like runners or baseball players to ensure the proper lower body movements in the game. 

As style evolves, the jackstap is now used as a fashion that gives aesthetic appeal. Some jockstraps are now designed for style purposes that can give your private parts a proper defination. Below, I share the reason to wear jockstraps for men. 

Design for Comfort

Most people find the jockstrap comfortable to wear because it supports your manhood without compressing your butt. The two straps on each butt have no need to attach with the other side. It has the best experience for yoga, body stretching exercises, cycling, running and even waightlifting. You can list as many weights without the fear of underwear stretch. There are different types of jockstraps available that may be the best choice for your purpose. Read about Clothes Make The Man now.

Hygiene friendly

The best thing about jockstraps is breathability. It not covers your manhood but supports it that makes your manhood not in contact with your legs. It does not cover the curves of your butt that get the most sweet in workout. You get less chances of sweet based etching through the use of jockstrap. The bounce of your private parts with clothes results in compressions on manhood. It is the best choice to use for workout. 

Become Fashion

There are different netflix series that mention the jockstrap underwear as a best option for summer parties. Moreover, the mainstream media like pop songs or brands promote the jockstrap as the best alternative for conventional underwear cuts. You can also find the fancy backless underwears designs that look more like jockstraps. The main reason for that underwear popularity is the american influence, fitness culture and backless appeal.

Some fancy jockstraps have openings from the side of the band. You have no need to pass it through the legs for wearing it. The string side allows you to wear it with comfort.  


The material of every jockstrap is stretchable. It means you can flex it with ease that cannot hurt your body. It is made with Polyester and spandex fabric. For smooth touch, you can also buy the cotton blend material made of jockstrap. 

Do Jockstraps prevent Chafing?

The design, functionality and stretching ability of Jockstrap makes jacksrap easy to prevent chafting. It does not cover your legs and underbutt area. You get a free air pass through that area of your body. 

Why are jockstraps Backless?

The jockstraps are backless because it gives you freedom to move as much as you want. There is no compression or restriction to the side movements of legs. 

Do Jockstraps prevent Hernias?

Jockstrap has no role in the protection of hernias. It is a myth about jockstrap usage. 

Why do football players wear jockstraps?

The football players wear the jockstraps because it prevents injury of private parts through holding the hard cup to protect the groin area properly. It has a different design for other jockstraps. 

Tips for Jockstrap Users

When it comes to buying a jockstrap, the fitting is the most important part. The size of your pants is not the size of a jockstrap. Each brand has a different approach to set jockstrap sizes. Measure Your waist to check out the right jockstrap for you. The purpose of your jockstrap should align with the jockstrap you are about to buy. Some jackstrap are relatively tight due to their aesthetic appeal. While sports jockstraps are simple but more flexible. 

Always consider the use of a separate cup with the jockstrap in case of physical activities.

When Men wear jockstraps, it can be challenging for first time. You have to set the waist band in place and set each string on each butt nicely. If it fits you, you do not feel any pressure or looseness on your pouch. Everything should be fit for the first time you wear it. Otherwise, it can fall down unexpectedly. The tight jockstrap may compress your manhood and feel uncomfortable on the first try.  

The best way to clean your Jackstraps is to wash it after every use. You can wash it with some washing powder and rinse it properly. It removes the germs and dry sweat in the proper way.

Do not get disappointed after using a single jockstrap, you have to experiment with new brands and different materials. Eventually, you will find your best jockstrap that improves your personal style.  

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