Why is Wellington the capital of New Zealand? Answered!

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand situated at the south end of the north island. It is among the world’s most beautiful capitals due to its stunning natural scenery, and eye-refreshing beauty. The population of Wellington city is approximately 215,200 by the June 2023. “Why is Wellington the capital of New Zealand when there are much bigger and famous cities like Auckland and Christchurch,” this question arises in the minds of many. Wellington geographically situated in the middle of the two big cities of Auckland and Christchurch. Locates at the center of the country that makes easy access from the whole country.

In this blogpost, we know about the reasons to choose the Wellington the capital city of New Zealand, History of Wellington, and specialties of this town. Read about Why is Canberra the capital of Australia now.

Wellington the Capital of New Zealand Reasons

Why is Wellington the capital of New Zealand whereas the most populated city in New Zealand is Auckland? This question asked. There are multiple reasons behind making Willington the capital of New Zealand.

In the 1860s, gold discovered in the South Island region of Otago which caused a huge rush of population in that specific area of New Zealand. At that time, Auckland was the capital of New Zealand. The capital was too far from the new center of wealth at that time and movements against it began in various parts of the Island.

To avoid any chaos, the parliament decided to move the capital to a place that would be at the center of the two main Islands. Australian geologists chosen for this task, and they chose Wellington for its geographical location. 

On 26 July 1865, the first session of New Zealand parliament held in Wellington, and the city has been the capital of New Zealand since that day.

The climate and low population of Wellington also played a vital role in its making as a capital. It made it a perfect place that could develop quickly. The natural beauty of the city makes it one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. 

Moreover, its geological position makes it a safe place from enemies. Other multiple reasons were the cause of shifting capital from Auckland to Wellington. The scenery and location of Wellington make it the best and most beautiful place to hold official meetings with delegates from other countries. Its geographical location, landscaping, natural beauty, and being at the center of the nation make it the best choice as a capital.

What was the first capital of New Zealand?

Lieutenant-Governor William Hobson initially chose Okiato as the capital in 1840. Okiato, originally named Okiato, means “place of a receptacle for holding sacred objects.”

History of Wellington

Wellington Established in 1839, the settlement was initially at the mouth of the Hutt River but later moved to Lambton Harbour. The city Named in 1840 after Arthur Wellesley, first duke of Wellington, who aided the New Zealand Company. Wellington became a borough in 1842 and a city in 1886.

Wellington Facts

Wellywood is a very cultural and little city that has been the capital of New Zealand since 1865. Its dining spaces are famous in the entire world. There you can see dozens of dining spaces, street food stalls, and fast-food points. The capital has exceptionally beautiful and attractive suburbs as well. You can Visit Te Papa which is an interactive national museum. We can take the Remutaka Cycle Trail, one of New Zealand’s Great Rides. Te Papa Tongarewa is most visited museum in Oceania that locates Wellington’s waterfront. We can explore about New Zealand’s multicultural history that include Māori, Pacific Island, Asian, and international contemporary art & culture.

Wellington is the closest capital to the Antarctica and known as the windy city. The location of the capital allows the consistent winds throughout the year. We can Visit the National Library’s He Tohu exhibition to know about constitutional documents. We can learn about history of New Zealand through documents like the Treaty of Waitangi and Suffrage Petition. You can Explore Wellington Botanic Garden with its landscaped gardens and panoramic views.

There you can see hundreds of shops art galleries, and many theaters. The people of Wellington are also very art lovers and appreciate the artists with their full hearts. The city is also rich in terms of history. You can visit a museum there to see the lifestyle of stone age people that once relocated to that part in the world.

The city has witnessed many historical moments and achievements after shifting capital to that part of New Zealand. There is a museum that will allow you to look back into the past and see how old people live.

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