Androgynous Fashion Definition: Everything Explained

Androgynous fashion style and definition is not gender specific that values gender neutral approach of fashion. The clothes for men are clothes for women at the same time. The fittings for each gender may vary but the style and the look of clothing remains neutral for every gender. Genderless fashion is the best approach to express individuals that express themselves irrespective of gender norms.

The unisex clothing is far more than cross dressing of men and women. So, what is the androgynous fashion definition? The androgynous fashion eliminates the physical difference between men and women. The fashion designers try to add masculine and feminine design elements to a single clothing piece. Gender inclusive clothing breaks the traditional gender rules through complete knowledge of the rules. The term “androgynous” came around the 17th century and has association with ancient Greeks. The “Andro” means men and “gyne” means women. The androgynous fashion focuses on personal expression over body type clothing limitations. 

In this read, Thenowmagazine shares with you about trends, start, male and female elements of androgynous. 

Androgynous Fashion History

The ancient Greeks have the myth of Hermaphroditus and Salmacis fusion into a singular body that become a reference for western culture androgynous style. The ancient Greek folks also mention spherical creatures that have two bodies of the same or different gender. Some ancient astronomers associate androgynous with a planet that can be warm or cold. Ancient philosophers conclude that androgyny is the best state of humans. Androgyny became a part of debate in the Middle Ages of Europe with supporters and criticism. Androgyny has the influence over the renaissance painting age with different paintings. Androgynous fashion became mainstream in Europe during the 1900s. The industrial revolution allows women to take part in important positions. The movements to support women in the 1960s introduced the androgynous elements to the society. The 1970’s male singers Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie became well known for their music and androgynous clothing styles. 

The androgynous become fashionable in the 21st century after many fashion designers value androgynous clothing. The androgynous fashion is about becoming both gender expression and losing every gender expression. The Korean male beauty standards have also become mainstream and values men with feminine fashion. 

Male Androgynous Fashion

Men dress up according to the women’s style, which considers male androgynous fashion. The selection of colors, heels and clothing cutting style are valuable for androgynous men. You can follow different androgynous male celebrities like David Bowie, Bill Kaulitz, Jared Leto, and Harry styles. These celebrities have appeared in different fashion shows with unique styles. Harry style has significant androgynous looks with the brand collaboration of Gucci that include laces and bold colors. Jared Leto is a famous American actor who is well known for androgynous style that include makeup, hairstyles, accessories, and unique combination of clothing. Bill Kaulitz has a famous look of dark eye makeup with Spiky Mohawk styling.  Read about Why Guys Wear Black Nail Polish?

Female Androgynous fashion 

The female androgynous fashion is about women dressing up through the inspiration of the men’s fashion. The androgynous styling includes finding the icon and using your masculine features well. The minimal makeup, gentleman shoes and masculine accessories like tattoos and rings can give a complete androgynous look. We can take inspiration from Tilda Swinton, Kristen Stewart, Glenn Close and Ruby Rose for styling. Ruby Rose is a famous Australian actor who has unique masculine short haircuts that include Mohawk, cornrows and pixie cut. Tilda Swinton is a famous Hollywood actress with unique androgynous appearance in different film festivals. Tilda wears trousers, t-shirt, and blazer during the 77th Venice Film Festival from the Haider Ackermann collection. Androgynous celebrities support the LGBTQ community through their style. 

Gender neutral Fashion Brands

The famous fashion brands have prominent androgynous fashion categories with unique definition. You can find specific androgynous fashion brands that have a complete variety for men and women. Bode is a brand of handcrafted clothing with antique cuts. Kirrin finch brand offers men inspired clothes for female or nonbinary people. Kirrin grinch has the best collection of Tomboy clothing that are eco friendly. Big Bud Press has a complete collection of unisex clothing including tops, bottoms, and jumpsuits with unusual colors. Telfar is a well-known androgynous fashion brand that has complete clothing options. Many celebrities wear Telfar bags including Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, and Selena Gomez.

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