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Why Guys Wear Black Nail Polish?

Why Guys Wear Black Nail Polish? Explained


You may notice several guys these days do different things to make themselves look unconventional. As a guy, I also love to follow different unique styles from the inspiration of other celebrities. No doubt, these are several male celebrities that wear black nail pain  openly as an artist. So, why do guys wear black nail polish? The main reason to wear black nail polish can be fashion, goth style, rock band association, protection or becoming prominent.  

I also wear different kinds of nail paints to protect my nails from fungus but never try black ones. You can not tell a person the reason to wear a black nail. The reason to wear black nail paints can be different from person to person. Someone can wear nail paint because he may feel to wear it or due to inspiration. You cannot tell about the colour of a nail of a specific person until you ask him by yourself. In this read, we share the possible reasoning to wear black nail polish as a guy. Read about Why do Men Wear Jockstraps now.

For Fashion Purpose

There are different fashion influencers and shows that present the man with painted nail paints. Besides, there are different brands that launched nail paints of different styles for men. The celebrities like harry style, bad bunny and Jared Leto wear nail polish of different colours. You can get the idea to wear the best black coloured nail polish. There are different accessories like rings and tattoos that can improve your look. You can follow different patterns on your dark nails according to your choice. The nail extension is also possible with black nails  but it is less popular among men. 

Gender Identity

The people who are the member of LGBTQ+ community in general follow the unconventional styles. The black nail colour becomes prominent and can be noticed instantly. The black coloured nail presents power and pride. You can style up with different clothes to present yourself as an unconventional person. There are different stylists that can assist you to get your best black nails look with different styles. You can also take inspiration from the tutorials of famous makeup artists like Jeffree Star, Manny Mua and Angel merino. 

Personal Reasons

Some guys wear black nail paints because they like it. There is no reason or maybe some weird reason for it. Some people wear black nail polish to perform a specific task. It can be studying, doing long work hours or biking. You can also use it as accountibility reminder to achieve your goals. Someone can also use it to express grief about the loss of their loved ones. Personally, wearing nail polish can be an enjoyable experience because your hands can contrast accordingly. 

Black is Masculine Color

The dark and neutral colour is considered masculine in general. The bright colour associated with femininity. The men often do not engage in the activity of polishing their nails. The punk style has an all black appearance including nails is associated with the rebel masculine style. The cyberpunk and techwear also promote the complete black looks. If you follow those styles, you can also experiment with different black nail paints to get a proper look. Otherwise, wearing black nail paint can be used to express the fight against toxic masculinity. It represents that you are great as a man and masculine in your own way despite society’s expectations.

Nail protection

You can witness several MMA fighters and footballers wear black nail polish. The reason is that it protects from fungus or bacteria. The athletes stay in sweaty situations more often. So, guys wear black nail polish acts as a protection for nails. 

Part of any movement

Serge Gnabry wear black nail paint for the awareness of child abuse. The other celebrities follow his movement and become a part of his campaign. As a fan, anyone can do the same to support the child protection cause.

Black nail polish on pinky finger meaning

It means that the person joined the movement against child harassment. The celebrities and public across the world become part of the polished man movement. It educates everyone about the seriousness of the child abuse situations. 

Does black nail polish look good on boys?

The black nail polish looks good on boys if done proper and for some unique reason. Some boys carry it as their consistent style while others follow a trend. 

Why do boys wear nail polish?

The boys wear nail polish because painting is fun and they can get different or unique nail colours. 

What does black nail polish mean in a relationship?

The people who wear black nail polish are considered dominant in the relationship because of the look. Men consider women more dominating with black nail polish in general.

What does painting one nail black mean?

Painting one nail black has a different meaning for every person. Someone may do it because he likes to be unconventional, fashionable, or be part of any group. 

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