Do Straight Guys get Nose Piercings? Answered!

Most straight men who wear nose rings are less likely to have nose piercings. Most celebrities that use nose rings have nose piercings. There are different reasons to have nose piercing like reasons to have a tattoo. Straight guys mostly live with conservative people. Some men may face some resistance about their nose piercing social acceptance. The media and fashion houses normalize the male nose piercing for most of us. Do straight guys get nose piercings? Straight guys can get nose piercings. They have to choose the right piercing expert, the nostril and the point of piercing. The selection of the right nose ring is necessary. It is not gay to have nose piercing and nose rings. 

The nose rings do not look right with business attires but look best with the different party styles for men. The nose piercing for men is still considered a taboo in mainstream media. People associate pierced men as immature or part of some group. The employers also avoid hiring the nose pierced man as an employee. The selection of style is a social construct that most of them male artists break. In some tribes, a piercing nose is considered masculine and a sign of self courage. In this read, we share with you the best nose piercings tips for straight guys to improve your awareness. 

Male Nose piercing types

There are different creative ways to combine multiple piercings to get your best style. We have three main nose piercing types that you should know. 

The nose stud is the small tiny and shiny point that you may notice on several male celebrities like Zyan malik. It is best for beginners because studs are easy to remove. Most of them are temporary. You can use nose beats to get prominence and more visibility instead of studs. 

The hoops are circular in shape that fits through small piercing and made from the steel or gold. The hoops are less popular for straight men but still a best choice if you style it well. You can choose hoops on both sides or double hoops on the single side of the nostril. 

The most prominent nose piercing is septum that can impact on your looks. There are different color and  style of spectrum nose rings available that suit you. The bull nose ring looks unique and stylish. Read about Why do Men Wear Nose Rings.

Advantages of male nose piercing

Less painful

The nose piercing is not as painful as you think. There are different techniques that make the nose piercing pain free. Most nose piercing involves a tiny and less noticeable hole on the nostrils. 

More Attention

Beauty is the relevant thing but the nose piercing as a straight guy makes you more prominent. You can get more attention from girls publicly. You may find criticism but some girls find you unique. Your Instagram followers may increase if you upload your pictures with unique nose jewelries. 

Not scaring

The nose piercing doesn’t leave any compression marks and scars because piercing is permanent. The clip nose studs may compress or leave scars on your nose if used for a long time. 

Jewellery selection

You may have less choice to choose jewelry as a straight guy, but nose piercing allows you to experiment with different styles and color combinations. You can wear matching hoops with your hoodies or shoes to get the best style. 

More fashionable

The nose piercing gives you more options to choose the jewelry. You can experiment with the existing style with your nose piercing. 

Disadvantages of male nose piercing

Healing process

The healing process of nose piercing takes time. You have to take care of the area through proper sensitization practices. Otherwise, the wound can cause infection. The infection is not easy to hide because it is on your face. You have to follow the complete aftercare process according to the recommendation of a piercing expert.  

Stuck with things

The jewellery you wear after nose piercing can catch through your clothes. You have to wash your face carefully and avoid pulling a slight. 

Sweat issues

You may get sweaty after wearing the nose jewellery in summer. The running and jumping can be difficult with the hanging nose jewellery. It can swing around and can damage your nose. 

Are nose piercings on guys attractive?

The nose piercings look attractive on guys. Most girls find the guy with nose piercing decent and interesting. The tiny piercing nose looks good  like studs while excessive piercing is still considered taboo.

Cool Nose Rings for Guys

You can purchase different nose rings for guys through online stores like amazon, ebay. Straight guys get of nose piercings from different celebrities like Amir khan. You can choose double nose piercing on both nostrils or single nostril. You can choose the different colours for your nose rings like purple, red, black or silver. The neutral colour nose jewellery looks best on straight guys. The bridge piercing is another best choice for looking unique. The oversize hooper is also prominent on your face and enhances your apperance. 

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