Why do Men Wear Nose Rings? Explained!

The nose rings became part of men’s fashion that spread through the famous male celebrities like Lenny Kravitz, Justin Bieber and Travis Barker. Moreover, you can find ancient civilizations that normalise the nose rings for men for specific purposes. In general, nose rings are associated with women but some men love to experiment with different nose rings styles. Why do men wear nose rings? Men wear nose rings associated with their personal beliefs, social status, achievement, attractiveness, openness and choose a spiritual path. In this read, we share with you the best possible reasons to wear nose rings as a man. It really helps you to find connection with the right reason to follow your nose rings passion. 

Male Nose Piercing Side

There is no proper side role of male nose piercing side. The spiritual literature explains that the right side of the human body is masculine and the left side is feminine. People use the role often to choose the body piercing. 

Cultural Belonging

Several men wear nose rings to connect with a particle culture. The native Americans and Indians have a culture of men’s nose rings through percing. Especially, the native South and North American men have had nose piercings in the past. Any man can wear nose rings through the inspiration of those styles. A man can connect with his ancestors or with the brave heroes of the past. The nose piercing among men is popular in the tribes of Australian Aborigines, Bedouin and Beja people. The men of those tribes do nose piercing as a sign of achievement and social representation. 

Artistic Style

The different artists use the nose rings to express their art form. Most people who wear nose rings are mostly associated with the entertainment or art business. The other professions follow less or almost no nose rings trends for men. We never see any male CEO with nose rings except Jack Dorsey. That is why Jack Dorsey gets attention from the famous men’s fashion magazines. He thinks that the nose piercing looks good on him. The 90’s punk style male followers also love to use nose rings of different styles.

Value his Looks

The women in general are more conscious about their style. Men are less aware about their looks after a certain age and follow the typical looks. He prefers to choose a unique way to present himself to society. That man also showed courage to adopt the unconventional approach of accessories. Everyone may notice him or criticise him but he feels good about his looks. 

Break Gender Norms

The men wear different kinds of nose rings instead of just nose studs. Some men go for body modification to improve the nose piercing style. He may wear female nose rings to express or support some gender identity. He may like to experiment with different gender cloth elements to express himself. You can also explore the different brands and types of male nose rings options. The bull nose ring is considered masculine and the side nostril rings considered feminine in general. The bull ring is big and more prominent. The Septum Rings or Captive Bead Rings are fancy and less prominent used by most male pop stars. Read about Why Guys Wear Black Nail Polish?

Have Commitment

People in general modify their body to have some personal commitment in life. You may set a goal and get a tattoo or pierce your ears. Some men also do it to express their truth. The reason for nose rings depends on the commitment and life story of that person. 

Captive Bead Ring is another nose ring that can be used as a nose ring. It is also available in stainless steel that can be permanent or temporary. 

Have Unique Beliefs

He may have some unique belief system that inspires him to do nose piercing. Some men follow the spiritual path through wearing certain jewellery. There are specific meanings of each nose ring that spiritual people wear. It represents the value of mental power and connection with the source of life. It also improves the connection with the spiritual leader and brings balance and beauty in life. 

What does a nose ring mean sexually

A nose ring sexually explains the connection with god, purity, sexual confidence and willingness to pursue the purpose. Such people value experiment and bring new ideas to express orientiation. 

Right side nose piercing meaning for guys

The nose piercing on the right side is associated with wealth, self esteem, logical mindset and deep love for guys. 

Left side nose piercing meaning male

The nose piercing on the left side is considered as protection, spiritual connection, encounter trauma and emotional strength for males in general. It also consider feminine side to have any body piercing. 

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