The Reason Why the Twin Lady Crossdresses Quick Explained

“The Reason Why The Twin Lady Crossdresses” is a manga that covers time travel, love, and fantasy. It shares the story around Lenalee’s journey to alter her fate to present herself in the life of her twin brother, Liam. She is finding unexpected love with the enigmatic crown prince Fasias. The main lead is female in the manga but acts as a male and becomes a cross dresser. You can get the comedy, fantasy, reincarnation, and romance between the characters. 

The main lead, Lenalee, is about to execute on the orders of the prince due to the blame of killing the royal family. Lenalee starts blaming herself after the execution of her believed younger twin brother. She thinks about the bullying her brother faced by the crown prince at fortis academy. Shen then prayed to God to reverse the time and take revenge from the crown prince. We share with you the reason the twin lady crossdresses spoilers chapter wise. 

Chapter 1 Highlights

The Laim awakens the Lenalee who falls after hitting. Laim tells Lenalee about his Fortis academy ceremony. She realizes that her wish has come true, and she is now moving back in the past.

Liam is good at magic more than swordsmanship, but his family forced him to join swordsmanship. As she comes from the future, she can recall about the expected bully her brother encountered in the swordsmanship division. She gets an idea to go herself from the place of her brother and get her brother’s identity. Both brother and sister agree. She told her father about the decision of going to Foris academy as Liam. 

Chapter 2 Highlights 

Lenalee’s father does not allow her to go Foris academy. The father shows anger and frustration about Lenalee’s decision. Lanalee must prove that she can master necessary swordman skills to become heir of the family and come back instant when the time of wedding comes. Then, she encounters girls who found him attractive in Foris academy and finally find the crown prince. 

We learn about the three families that serve the emperors. It is the system of this manga to run the world. Lanalee encounters the crown lord irrespective of avoiding it. The crown lord make fun off Lanalee’s small body. 

Chapter 3 Highlights

The crown prince challenges the Lanalee to fight as a challenge. Lanalee feels angry about the crown prince insulting his family. The crown prince also made fun of her by calling girlish and punk. She reminds herself about the value of her family. So, she decided to take on the challenge of fighting. 

Chapter 4 Highlights

The Lanalee win the fight against the crown prince. Crown prince associates the Lanalee fight success with luck. The prince also changed his statement to ruin her family. The Lanalee go to the classroom and want to make a lot of friends for her brother Liam. Lanalee makes a new friend, Agni, who finds her fight interesting with the prince. People from every family can be equal except the crown prince. The Lanalee find the Agni in a lost conscious situation captured by the crown prince. The crown prince wants to punish Agni for not to follow his orders and stay away from the Lanalee. Lanalee comes in front of Agni to protect him from the beating of the prince and his fellows. Suddenly, Kyle comes and saves them through his magic.

Chapter 5 Highlights

Kylie says crown prince does not go too far to kill the Lanalee and Agni. Then suddenly, the crown prince apologized about his behavior and invited Lanalee for Aries tea party. Lanalee is suspicious of his behavior. Then accept his offer as being a lower status person. Aries is an aristocratic tea party where high society people come and a place for high-ranking people. It increases the authority of women and opens the doors for men to the elite society. Lanalee is confused about her decision to accept the Aries event. She is also suspicious about the crown prince. The one of the Perseus (members of the king family) gets caught bathing in the shower and knows Lanalee is the girl. It is the main reason the twin lady crossdresses spoilers that can significantly change the story. Read about Business Proposal Webtoon Ending Explained.

Chapter 6 Highlights

Lanalee convinces Kyle Chrysia to take her secret. He does not want Lanalee to entertain. Everyone congratulates Lanalee for her Aries invitation, but she worries about Agni being seriously injured. Then, Lanalee goes to a party and the crown prince introduces her to the party members. 

The Reason why the Twin Lady Crossdresses Review and Prediction

The story is engaging, and the main lead is the power mover of the story. Her decisions are unconventional to become a swordsman. She does her best to protect her family while coming from the 3 Years of the future. 

The reason why the twin lady crossdresses spoilers share that the unexpected events can happen more in the story. One of the Perseus knows the truth of Lanalee that she pretends to be her brother in the academy. She is a very courageous girl that saves the reputation of his family and saves her twin brother’s life. 

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