Business Proposal Webtoon Ending Explained

“Business Proposal” covers the story of workplace situation and love connections that makes it popular worldwide. The show is an adaptation of a ⁠ webtoon with the same name. The plot focuses on Shin Ha-Ri, a youthful ⁠ lady with parents of moderate means. On this blind date, she was with the ⁠ boss of her closest friend. Kang Tae-Moo, the CEO, unexpectedly takes her as his spouse. She wants to escape the burden of meeting his ⁠ expectations. ‌It presents a love story between a rich man and a poor woman but with a twist, as the couple faces obstacles and challenges through every page. Read about Coffee and Vanilla Manga ending explained now.


The ending of the Webtoon “Business Proposal”:

The webtoon’s ending is happy and same as the K-drama in several aspects. It showcases the romance and comedy elements present in the story. The webtoon also includes the same basic plot of Ha-Ri going on a blind date with her boss, but it covers the character through process and relationship expectations. Ha-Ri’s boss, Tae-Moo, initially decides to marry her for strategic reasons to make his grandfather happy and use his position as a successful business owner. However, as the story progresses, their fake relationship turns into something real, and they genuinely fall in love. 

Business Proposal Webtoon Ending Scene

Kang Tae-moo is on the beach with 2 kids named Tae-se and Noona. Noona is a girl who plays with sand even though Tae-moo invites her to swim. Tae-se, a boy kid, gives a drink, shovel and a fan to Noona to impress her. Tae-moo stops Tae-se from getting close to noona. Noona confesses that she already has a boyfriend named Hyunsoo from art class.

Noona came and hugged Tae-moo and says she loves his dad the most. Shin Ha-ri receives a call in shock about Hamin’s marriage. Kang Tae-moo came to meet Shin Ha-ri outside her office. He says that the kids are at their grandfather’s home. Shin Ha-ri shares the news about her brother’s marriage with Yeongsuh’s cousin. Her brother built and ran a restrurent. Kang Tae-moo ask Shin Ha-ri to get married once again. But they are already married for ten years. Then, Kang Tae-moo ask to renew their vows every decade and ask Shin ha-ri to marry in the next life. 

Why can’t I Find Business Proposal on Webtoon?

“A Business Proposal” is a global blockbuster webtoon created by Kakao Entertainment. You can read it on the official website of Kakao Webtoon. The other websites allow you to read that manga like managatoto. The Webtoon adaptation has gotten 560 million views globally since its release.

  • This webtoon has been adapted into a K-drama titled “Business Proposal” by Netflix and SBS. The drama has received positive responses from viewers and closely follows the original webtoon storyline. It features a star cast, including Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong.
  • Other webtoons with similar titles, such as “Just a ‘Business’ Proposal” and “Ground Breaking – A Business Proposal,” differ from the webtoon discussed above. These webtoons have different storylines and authors.

Business Proposal webtoon Naver

“Business Proposal” is also available on Naver, a popular South Korean webtoon platform. If you’re looking for the “Business Proposal” webtoon on Naver, I recommend visiting the Naver webtoon platform and searching for the specific title there. Naver is a web portal with a vast collection of webtoons available on its platform.

Business Proposal Kdrama vs Webtoon

Here are some of the key differences between the “Business Proposal” K-Drama and the original webtoon:

Visual Representation

“Business Proposal” centers on workplace dynamics and love connections. The show is an adaptation of a ⁠ ⁠webtoon sharing the same name. Kang TaeMu’s character in the drama remains quite similar to the webtoon version, including the cool and gentle aura he possesses in the original artwork.

Shin HaRi’s Alter-Ego

In the original webtoon, Shin HaRi’s alter-ego wore a pink wig. However, in the K-Drama adaptation, Shin HaRi’s character only wears a long wig with highlights, while both versions wear heavy makeup.

Name Usage

In the webtoon, Shin HaRi uses the name “Shin Geum Hui” as her alter-ego, while in the K-Drama, she goes by her real name, “Shin HaRi.”


While the main plotline and essence of the story remain consistent between the drama and the webtoon, there are minor differences in the sequence and details of certain events.

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