Can a Guy go to a Hair Salon? Explained

Every man needs a haircut with routine. He can go to the barbershop or salon to get the best haircut possible. Most of the time, the salon associates with the girls. Every man also needs proper hair treatments to improve their appearance. Salons give more fashionable suggestions to haircut while barbers have less variety for men’s hairstyles. Getting a hairstylist from the salon is much easier than getting it from the hair salon. So, can a guy go to a hair salon? A guy can go to a hair salon if he wants. A guy get other services associated with hair and skincare from a salon than barbershop. A man can get update about the latest hairstyle fashion trends through salons.  

You can work with a hairstylist at the hair salons. The hairstylists have expertise to understand the art of hairstyling and present it. You get hair colour recommendations and hair care product recommendations from the hairstylist. You become more fashion forward and can avail the other associate services like face massage and manicure.  

Beauty salon for men

Men are now getting the grooming service more than from the traditional barbers. You can get the best haircut and beard look according to your choice. For example, you get the beard and hairstyle of Bradley Cooper from the beauty salon. The salon can also suggest you the best haircut that looks best on your face shape. The stylist suggests your hairstyle according to the texture of your hair and your personal hair choice. Most male beauty salons also offer the spa services that are the best opportunity to relax. You can relax with the proper message service after your long busy day. 

Your skin is as important as your hair. So, the male beauty salon offers skin treatments that can improve your looks and mood. You can get awareness about the change of your skin over time. The professional hairstylist can give you the best advice about hairstyling, hair protection and best hair treatments like keratin treatment.

The beauty salon has the best relaxing environment that enables us to feel comfortable. They do not rush to give haircuts or play loud songs. The relaxing chairs allow you to feel free from any stress. Your confidence also improves as a result of proper self care and grooming. 

Unlike a barbershop, you can book your appointment at a male beauty salon for special events like weddings, birthdays, business meetings or date nights. So that you feel and look your best for your special occasions. The beauty salon can give you proper hair removal treatment for smooth looks. Besides, you can also get your body trimming services if you prefer decent hairy looks. Read Do Straight Guys get Nose Piercings? 

The best Hairstyle for men

The best hairstyle for men depends on the face shape. Not every hairstyle is best for everyone. The men with square faces should have less side hair and more top hair. The round face has the same symmetry as the square but no sharp jawline. The round-faced men should choose buzzcut and sharp cutting. The oval face man should have a slick back hairstyle of medium or small length. They require less sharp haircuts due to sharp jawlines.

The triangular face has a more prominent jawline but a small forehead. They should have increased hair volume to get a balanced look. Oblong face shape men can choose the longer hair from the side and less hair on top. The edger cut is the best choice because of less jawline prominence on the face. The long and layering hairstyle is the best option for a diamond shaped person. They have more angular faces that allow them to have smooth haircuts. Moreover, you get the complete hairstyle with the right hair colour. The section of hair colour demons on your skin colour. The tune of your skin also plays a significant value to carry a specific hair colour.  

Toni and guy hair salon

Toni Mascolo, along with his brother Guy, transformed London’s hairdressing scene in the late 20th century. Over 50 years, Toni & Guy became an international franchise brand, expanding into hair care, training, photography, and fashion. They change the barbershops of London into the complete house of hairdressing and hairstyles options. Toni established an academy in 1984 to maintain high standards across the franchise. The Mascolo family’s net worth was estimated at £270m ($360m) in the 2017 Times Rich List. Any guy can get a haircut from this famous salon in the branch of your city. 

The salon guy

The Salon Guy, whose real name is Stephen Marinaro, is a famous person in the beauty industry. He is a hair stylist and media expert with extensive experience in the field. He is an influencer for hairstyling and also teaches it. He has also experience as a celebrity hairstylist for specific movie roles or in general life. Stephen has a keen knowledge about the latest way to style and carry your hairstyle. His Youtube channel is the best source for fashion students or men hairstyle enthusiasts. 

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