Do Men Wear Anklets?Explained

Men’s anklets are associated with fashion. There is the complete history of men’s ankle bracelets from the ancient Egypt. Egyptian men wear anklets that are 8000 years old that present as wealth and sign of beauty. The women wear it as a sign of prosperity for their husband. Indians give anklets a proper name that is Payal. The Indian women wear Payal anklets most but men are also allowed to wear different styles of Payal anklet. Some Indian men wear black thread on the ankle to make lord Shani blessings for protection.  

 The jewellery has become trends for more men over the years. Men can find the anklets of different materials, colors and styles that were not quite possible in the past. It can also be considered a sign of good luck. They become popular as bracelets for men. The several male fashion influencers and jewellery brands introduce the men’s anklets with different styles, color and shapes. So, do men wear anklets? Men wear anklets due to fashion, spiritual association, religious requirements, social status and good luck signs. Men anklets are less known jewellery for men that makes it a unique choice. 

Tips to choose best Men’s Anklet

Every man has a different choice to select the right anklet according to his style choice. The me anklet for purposes of spiritual and religious approach has no aesthetic choice. You can stand out in fashion with the right selection of men’s ankle bracelets. 

Select the Ankle Side

Before choosing the anklet, you have to choose the side of your ankle. The left side male anklet is associated with the queer people while the right side is considered as the straight person. There is no role for choosing your ankle side. You have to follow your personal style before the considerations of other people. 

Make Ankle Visible

Never hide your ankle after wearing the anklet. Your style ruins and becomes less noticeable. Men should choose the right footwear and pants to make the anklet visible. Covering or compressing the men’s anklet can hurt your ankle. Most men wear anklets in summer with shorts and casual shoes for outdoor vocations. 

Size Selection

The right size for the ankle is necessary because it comes with different sizes. You have to measure your ankle through the measuring rope and buy the right one. Some anklets have adjustable chains that can give you the option to adjust it. The loose anklets can fall off after you take a few steps while the tight ones can cause irritation. 

Walk Proper

It is normal to feel itchy after wearing an anklet as a man. You have to walk properly and never pull it out instantly. Some men may have to trim their ankle hairs to avoid any hair push. Always patient to remove the anklet and never rush to pull it. Your anklet always set right above on the ankle. Anklet moves every time you run and remain on place if you walk proper.   

Style Proper

You require a proper style after wearing an anklet to look your best. You can style it with minimalistic looks but avoid the use of excessive accessories. So, you can match the color of your anklet with shoes to get a neutral color appeal. The multiple anklets on a single ankle can be a great choice but it should be style proper. 

Choose for Right Event

Wearing an ankle is the best choice to attend any summer beach party or outdoor music show. You can match your ankle with your bracelets to get a more noticeable appearance. 

Wearing an anklet is not right for business events like meetings, seminars or career fairs. The business attire has no visible ankles in general and formal meetings have no casual discussions. Read about Can a Guy go to a Hair Salon.

Different Men’s Anklet Types

The anklets are available with different styling and colors in the market. Every anklet style is associated with the specific color and manufactured material. The leather anklet gives you a macho look due to its thickness and size. It combines with other metals for designing and has some stones to make it shiny. 

Ankle chain bracelets are most used by women but men can also use them. You can also roll it double for a different style. The stainless steel is the best option because of its high strength. 

The fabric made of men’s anklets looks best and is easy to carry. You can get different fabric color combinations to get a unique look. Moreover, you can choose the anklet color according to your skin tone. The bright colored fabric anklets are best for men with proper body tan with proper matching. You can choose the beaded anklet to get a different combination of beard colors. 

The beach men anklets have the simple string tied up with the unique seashells to show love of sea. You can get a tribal inspired anklet that aligns with your personal style.

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