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How to Become a Finance Broker in Australia

How to Become a Finance Broker in Australia? [Complete Answered]


A finance broker helps clients find the best loan and insurance products according to their needs. This career is essential for society, and for knowing much about industry. You will be able to understand whether this field suits you. 

If you enjoy helping people in the sector of finance and insurance, being a financial broker is the best career for you. This short guide will help you choose and pursue the field of finance broker as a profession. Financial career is a high paying career that helps businesses to grow bigger. So, how to become a financial broker in Australia? You can become a financial broker in Australia by completing your higher education, get relevant financial degree, obtain Credit License, and join professional Industry Association.

Financial brokers act as an agent that are doing financial negotiation for working capital. There are 12700 Financial brokers working in Australia with 81% are working full time. Just scroll down to read the significant steps to start your career as a finance broker in Australia.

Necessary Steps

If you have decided to become a finance broker in Australia, the following guide will help you to fulfill your dream. Read about How to become an Art Teacher in Australia now.

Complete your High School 

To become a finance broker in Australia, you must complete a territory education. For this, you must have completed 12 years’ studies. You have to do a relevant educational course from another institution. If you completed your formal education years ago and are now looking to switch to the finance broker field, you can still attend a territory course. In Australia, many institutions provide this opportunity.  

Get a Qualification Relevant to Finance Broker

There are multiple qualification options available to become a finance broker in Australia. These choices are from diploma to bachelor studies. You can get a Certificate IV in Finance and mortgage broking, a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking, or a Bachelor of Business to enter finance broking. 

Obtain a Credit License and Financial Service License

To operate as a financial broker in Australia, you must have a credit or Australian Financial Service license through government agency named Australian Securities and Investments Commission. You can have both or any of them, depending on the services you provide as a financial broker. You must have a credit license if you want to give Mortgage or loan broker services only. But you must have an Australian Financial Service license if you offer insurance broking services, financial advice, or other services related to finance products. Obtaining these licenses is challenging. You may have to undergo a lengthy legal procedure before getting it.

Become a part of a Professional Industry Association

It would help if you had to associate with a professional industry associate to get to a maximum number of clients. The association will help you to reach a more extensive client base and become a well-known finance broker. It is unnecessary or required, but if you are associated with a famous professional industry in the long run, you will prosper quickly. 

Several finance associates, such as MFAA and FBAA, helped achieve the result. Association with a well-known finance associate industry will help you grow your clients immensely and allow you to find the best client for you. Some finance associates require extra educational background to become a part of anyone.

Sum up

Becoming a finance broker in Australia has a clear path. You can become a happy and successful finance broker if you follow the step-by-step guide above. These are simple factors that you must keep in mind before entering the field of finance broking.

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