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How to become an Art Teacher in Australia

How to become an Art Teacher in Australia? Complete Answered!


Art education is an important part of the curriculum in many schools in Australia. Art enables the students to express their thoughts creatively and an art teacher helps students to express themselves in proper way. Being an art teacher is a beneficial career and the field is one of the best teaching choices. Let’s know how to become an art teacher in Australia before choosing this profession. You can become an art teacher in Australia requires bachelor’s degree, practical placement, teaching certificate, choose teaching role and understand your role is not an artist.

Become an Art Teacher in Australia Process

An art teacher teaches the students the fundamental aspects of art and recognizes them with the various art channels. He values the creative aspects from students’ subconscious and teaches them to convey their thoughts with the help of art. Follow the step below to know about how to become an art teacher in Australia. Read about How to become a Freelance Writer in Australia now.

Have a Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s in education is the minimum requirement to become an art teacher. You require a bachelor’s degree in education to pursue this field as a profession. This degree is approved by ITE as a degree of art teacher.

If you have done your bachelor’s in another subject, there is no need to worry if you are interested in Art. To jump into art teaching with a bachelor’s in any other subject such as computer, Biology, etc. you should have to do your postgraduate in Arts. 

Do Practical Placement

Completing your practical placement period is a fundamental requirement to become an art teacher in Australia. This is like an internship during your bachelor’s or postgraduate degree. Before going to start practical placement, students should secure a Working with Children Certificate (WWCC). This will help them at the time of applying for a job.

Get your Teaching Certificate 

In Australia, you must have a registered teaching certificate to work as an art teacher. After completing the student-teacher requirements, you can apply for this certificate online. This certificate will enable you to train in vocational institutes and other training centers.

But to work as a full-time art teacher in primary and secondary school, you must have to register yourself as an art teacher in your state body office.

Requirements for registration may vary in different states. After receiving your teaching registration certificate, you can apply for an art teacher job. 

The registration duration also varies from state to state. Check the expiry date of your registration certificate and make necessary arrangements before the expiry of your certificate to continue your job as an art teacher.

Apply for the Art Teacher Position

After receiving your registration as an art teacher, it is time to find the best job opportunity to find students. For this, do good research and find out the secondary and primary schools in your region that require an art teacher. Then apply to the institutions that pay you according to your requirements. WWCC, state registration, and other certificates will support you at that time in securing a position as an art teacher.

Being Art teacher differs from Being Artist

You require to learn the best teaching methods before becoming an art teacher. Every teacher requires proper methods to make the art easy for students. We can update our teaching methods as the technology evolves. Different digital mediums like Online classes can be helpful to reach more students. The practical learning is necessary for art students to check their skills.

How much does an Art Teacher earn?

When it comes to the earnings of an art teacher, no fixed figures are available right now. The amount may vary due to multiple factors such as state, position of the teacher, qualification, skill, experience, etc. 

But if we talk about average, an art teacher earns $34.5 per hour. This is the average amount an art teacher can easily earn. However, many art teachers are earning more than that due to freelance work or private tuition. Comparatively, an art teacher earns more than other teachers. You can sell your art pieces online or in physical stores.

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