Oh my lord chinese drama ending explained

“Oh My Lord” is a 2022 Chinese romance drama.It tells the story of Chen You You, a streetwise and sassy girl. She works as a cosmetic seller for a living, and Lord Qiansui, Bai Li, a powerful lord in Fuxian City. For years, even though he was a eunuch, he held the title of the most beautiful person in the city. As the story unfolds, Chen YouYou and Lord Qiansui become entangled in a web of political intrigue and conspiracy. They must work together to uncover the truth and protect their love. The article informs about Oh my lord chinese drama ending explained. Get to know about Who rules the world Ending with Review 2023.

Story ending

Bai Li found himself in a difficult situation where he was compelled to marry YouYou. This was because Lord Xian had doubts about Bai Li’s identity as a eunuch. Similarly, YouYou coerces him into marrying Bai Li because she saves father from Lord Xian’s wrath. In light of their circumstances, Bai Li and YouYou came to a mutual agreement to enter into a contract marriage. It would eventually end in divorce.

To elaborate, Bai Li and YouYou were not in love with each other. They had no intentions of forming an emotional bond. Instead, their union was based on a practical understanding of their predicament. By getting married, Bai Li could dispel any suspicions Lord Xian had of him. YouYou could save her father from the lord’s anger.

Therefore, they mutually agreed to keep their marriage a secret and to end it when their objectives were achieved. Despite this arrangement, they treated each other with respect and performed their duties as spouses. Eventually, when their goals were fulfilled, they parted ways amicably.

Audience reaction

There are various reviews and discussions about the show. It may be possible to gather some insights about the ending based on these sources.

One reviewer on MyDramaList mentioned that the ending of the drama was a cliffhanger, which suggests that the drama may have left some unanswered questions. Another reviewer noted that the story was lacking and that the twists toward the ending were not entertaining. It is unclear if these reviews refer to the same dramatic ending as the one being searched for, but they provide some general insights into the show’s reception.

Oh my lord Chinese Drama Review Survey 2023

We do a survey on reddit and mydramalist and share our findings about Oh my lord Chinese Drama Review below.

Oh my lord Chinese Drama ReviewComments in SupportOh my lord Review Reasons
Recommended9 CommentsPeriod drama, cute actors.
Not Recommended1 CommentsNo plot threads
Neutral Views4 CommentsUnclear ending. Typical rom com.

Oh My Lord Chinese Drama Cast

Here are the prominent cast members of “Oh My Lord”:

Luo Zheng plays the role of Bai Li/Lord Qiansui, the male lead who is described as cold and reserved but becomes protective of his wife after meeting Chen Youyou.

Ji Meihan portrays the female lead, Chen Youyou, who comes from a strict family but longs for a carefree life.

Hu Wei plays the role of Prince Zhao, a friend of Lord Qiansui who helps him investigate the unjust case.

Zhang Yaqin plays the role of Empress Dowager, an influential figure who holds the fate of Lord Qiansui in her hands.

Other cast members include Liu Jiaxi as Song Yan, Zhang Xincheng as Shen Yu, and Li Yitong as Shui Yueqing. The drama consists of 15 episodes and is available for streaming on iQiyi.

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