Who rules the world Ending with Review 2023

In recent years, the entertainment industry has been booming with various forms of content available to the masses. Among these forms of entertainment, Chinese dramas have gained immense popularity globally, and “Who Rules the World” is no exception. It has taken the internet by storm, leaving its viewers with mixed emotions about its ending. This article will explore Who rules the world Ending with survey based review. Read about Maids Revenge Ending now.

“Who Rules The World” is a Chinese television drama about the relationship between renowned martial artists Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi. They navigate the treacherous world of ancient politics and pugilistic rivalries teeming with characters who are hell-bent on ruling the world. Additionally, it was noted that “Who Rules The World” ranked fourth on Netflix Korea’s Top 10 Most Viewed Series on July 24, 2022. It was the only foreign show to have made it on the list.

Ending Scene

His actions bore a striking resemblance to the treatment Emperor Weilie inflicted upon his own kin. When confronted by Hei Fengxi, Bai Fengxi, and Huang Chao, he forces to relinquish his duplicitous facade. Regrettably, despite their efforts, he remained unconvinced, resulting in his eventual demise at the hands of Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi.

Who rules the world Drama Survey 2023

We do a survey on reddit to find out the qualities and criticism of Who rules the world Drama for review. We share findings in table below.

Who rules the world Drama ReviewTotal Survey Comments
Who rules the world Drama Review Reasons
Recommend Reviews13 comments supportGreat lead chemistry, Engaging female lead, realistic feel.
Not recommend Reviews6 comments supportRushed ending, over focus family politics, boring, bland.
Neutral Reviews7 comments supportGood until episodes 32, exciting but casual, repetitive country politics, predictable.

Ending Reaction

The ending of “Who Rules the World” has sparked various reactions from viewers. Some viewers described the end as happy and satisfactory since the main characters got together. However, other viewers expressed disappointment and frustration with the ending, which they considered rushed and butchered. The drama’s ending has been discussed on various platforms, including Reddit and YouTube, where viewers have shared their reactions to the show’s finale. Viewers argued that the drama ended in episode thirty-eight and that the rest of the episodes were unnecessary.


Regarding the plot of “Who Rules The World,” Bai Fengxi is a smart, brave, and carefree heroine who stands in the face of justice. She is a cute glutton when there is good food and a headstrong, cheeky opponent when there is a good fight. Secretly, Princess Feng Xiyun of Qing is also renowned for her intelligence and eloquence.

On the other hand, Hei Feng Xi is the people’s hero. He is a righteous and brave martial artist who fights for justice and helps those in need. Bai Feng Xi and Hei Feng Xi become legendary martial artists Baifeng Heixi. Their adventures in the Jianghu lead them to resume their hidden identities as Princess Xiyun and Prince Lanxi of two different countries.

The drama’s ending also includes a time jump of ten years, which has been the subject of much discussion among viewers. Many have expressed dissatisfaction with the time jump, which made them feel they missed important plot points and character development.

Commercial Success

Despite the mixed reviews, “Who Rules the World” has been a commercial success, with the drama ranking first in Netflix’s Chinese dramas (including Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan) with a score of 3168 at the end 2022. The show’s popularity has attributed to its unique storyline and characters, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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