The Qing Chuan Ri Chang Novel Ending – A Comprehensive Analysis

The Qing Chuan Ri Chang Novel is a popular Chinese novel about a young couple, Cheng Hao and Wu Yue. Cheng Hao is a talented pianist who falls in love with Wu Yue, a talented singer. However, their love is hindered by the challenges they face as they pursue their dreams.

The novel is a story of love, perseverance, and pursuing one’s dreams. It has captured readers’ hearts worldwide and has become a cultural phenomenon in China. The article discusses the Qing Chuan Ri Chang Novel Ending complete.


“Qing Chuan Ri Chang” is a historical, romantic, and comedic novel that tells the story of Yin Zheng and Li Wei, two individuals who come from different backgrounds but share a connection that draws them together. The novel explores their relationship as they navigate various situations and work to overcome obstacles together.

The story is set in Xin Chuan, a small town in China, where Yin Zheng and Li Wei grow up and encounter other brothers and sisters with different personalities and fates. They share three meals and four seasons, living a warm daily life as a Xin Chuan family.

The novel’s plot is engaging and captivating, exploring love, family, and perseverance. The story of Yin Zheng and Li Wei resonates with readers, and the novel has gained a significant following in China and around the world.


The characters in “Qing Chuan Ri Chang” are well-developed and relatable, making the novel compelling. The two main characters, Yin Zheng and Li Wei come from different backgrounds but share a connection that draws them together. Yin Zheng is one of the six young masters of Xin Chuan and keeps a low profile, while Li Wei wants to work hard and not get selected.

Other characters in the novel include:

  • Yin Zheng’s family members.
  • Li Wei’s family members.
  • Other brothers and sisters live together as a Xin Chuan family.

Each character has a unique personality and fate, making the novel a rich and diverse experience for readers. Read about Nonton animeid platform.

The television series adaptation

The television series titles New Life Begins, also known as Qing Qing Ri Chang (卿卿日常) or Xin Chuan Ri Chang (新川日常), and is set to air from November 10, 2022, to December 9, 2022, on the iQiyi network. The show will have 40 episodes and stars Bai Jingting, Tian Xiwei, Chen Xiaoyun, and Liu Guanlin in lead roles.

Analysis of the Ending

The ending of the Qing Chuan Ri Chang Novel has been a topic of discussion among fans of the novel. Some fans disappoints with how the story ended, while others found it to be a satisfying conclusion.

At the novel‘s end, Cheng Hao and Wu Yue finally achieve their dreams of becoming successful musicians. Their success comes at a price, as they force to sacrifice their love for each other. They part ways, with Cheng Hao moving to the United States to further his music career while Wu Yue stays in China to pursue her dreams.

The novel’s ending is bittersweet, with readers left to ponder the sacrifices that Cheng Hao and Wu Yue made to achieve their dreams. It is a reminder that sometimes, achieving our goals requires making difficult choices and sacrifices.

Analyzing the Characters’ Motivations 

We need to analyze the characters’ motivations to understand the ending’s meaning. Yin Zheng and Li Wei’s characters are well-developed throughout the novel, and their actions at the ending reflect their personalities.

The marriage election is a crucial plot device in the novel, and its outcome determines the characters’ fate. The novel’s ending sheds light on the significance of the marriage election and its impact on the characters’ lives.

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The article on the Qing Chuan Ri Chang Novel Ending provides a comprehensive analysis that will help readers understand the themes and messages of the novel. We have provided a detailed discussion of the ending, satisfying readers looking for more information about the novel.

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