Traverse City Hair Salon lgbtq

A salon co-owner in Traverse city announced that she does not want to give services to trans people. It become a prominent news about Traverse City Hair Salon lgbtq. The women shares her thought that those people should go to pet groomers. She runs a famous salon named 8 Hair Salon in Traverse City with 15,000 population of 15,000. She shares her thoughts on her facebook page for her name Christine Geiger. The salon facebook page has been banned since after that. 

The salon instagram page is private now. Salon is conservative and does not want to involve any ideologies. 

The salon also makes it clear that they call with the term “Hey you” instead of using any pronunciation of the customers. The co-owner of the salon, Christine Geiger, gave an interview to the USA today and makes it clear that she has no issue with gay, lesbians and bisexual people. She does not support Trans, queen and other communities. 

Her comment considers representation of LGBTQ people as dangerous for youth. Her views get viral on the internet and various people give their views about her views. It has a negative impact on the salon ratting. 

The queer community has a strong presence in the transverse city and the businesses are very queer supportive businesses. 

Jocelyn Link in email to free press shares that hate rises but we do not allow it to root in our town. 

The supreme court enforced the LGBTQ couples protection. The amendment allows expressing businesses forced to provide services to LGBTQ couples without any discrimination.  

The taxes based hair product company, Jack Winn, disapproves of the discrimination of studio 8. The company has business connections with Studio 8. 

Michigan Anti Discrimination

The Michigan anti discrimination protection government law supports the LGBTQ rights in a proper way. It states that no employers fire on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Gender or sexuality does not become an issue for resting or selling property. Read about Male Pubic Hair Removal Salon.

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