What is Melbourne famous for? Complete Answered

Melbourne is one of the best cities in Australia that is in the southeast. It is one of the crowded cities of Australia with cultural diversity and street art. You can find different tech startups here because it is considered one of the best tech cities. The top technology companies have noticeable departments working there. The city is livable with the best class restaurants, art, and beaches.

The city has a noticeable LQBTQIA+ community that has different events, bars, and clubs. You can plan a trip with family to enjoy different recreational activities like boardwalk and explore a unique opportunity to know Aussies. Melbourne has a strong economy that includes automotive, biotechnology, banking, and hospitality. So, what is Melbourne famous for? Melbourne is famous for sports, buildings, architecture, coffee, and food culture. We can explore street art, upcoming events, and shopping destinations. The city offers 33 miles of beach without developing sands, which is the best opportunity to explore 15 beaches like St Kilda beach. It is the sporting and cultural capital of Australia. 

In this article, we share with you the reasons that make Melbourne a unique city from the rest of the world. 

Sports City

If you love to attend sports events often and have passion to explore new sports, then Melbourne is the best city. Every year different sports events happen inside the city from a diverse range. Every January, the city hosts the Australian open tennis tournament that attracts the players across the globe. It also hosts the Formula 1 Australian event at Albert Park Circuit that attracts Formula one enthusiasts across the world. The cricket grounds of Melbourne are one of the worlds famous. The Australian Football League (AFL) is the famous sport in Australia that starts in matches and has significant matches in the Melbourne stadiums. Melbourne Cup is the famous horse racing event that starts in November that attracts horse lovers. Melbourne has the largest cricket ground in Australia that is suitable for other games like AFL matches, soccer matches and concerts. 

Historical Architecture

You can find several historical public buildings in Melbourne with unique architecture. Flinders Street Station is a railway station that represents the city. It has a unique green dome with a yellow exterior and classical arched entrance that opened in 1854. The station is the active transportation hub that connects the people through the various parts of the city and other regions. Manchester Unity Building is a historical landmark that served as a commercial and office building back in 1932. The building represents art, science, and commerce through its unique structure. The Manchester unity building builds for Manchester Unity Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the society that provides insurance for sickness and Funeral. 

St. Paul is a famous historical Cathedral that started building in 1858 that has Gothic revival style. It has pointed arches and ribbed vaults and stained-glass windows, the present religious stories. 

Street Art 

The artists of Melbourne express the art through the streets that became trendy in the 1970s and 1980s. You can explore diverse art forms including stencil art, traditional style, and paste-ups. The laneways across Melbourne, especially duckboard place, Blender Lane or Rutledge Lane are popular with consistent changing art. It attracts local as well as international artists to showcase their art. It is the best place for photographers to showcase their street art. Mike Makatron, street artist, shares green art as urban jungle that supports the green laneway programs. The Melbourne Street art shares information to discuss different social issues across the globe that attracts the locals and tourists. 

Instant Weather Change

The weather of this city can change several times in a single day. It means you can experience cold, hot, rain and wind in a single day. Melbourne is in the southern part of Australia where different systems exist due to chilly air from the ocean and warm air from the land side. It means you can experience hot weather in winter or chilly weather in summer. 

As the wind direction changes, the temperature starts to drop or increase. The summer season starts from December to February and June to August are the coldest months of the year. You must prepare your clothes to experience the diverse change in weather like bringing raincoats or layering up clothes. Read about What is Annapolis famous for?

Food Culture

The diverse culture of Melbourne makes it the best option for food experience because we can experience different food in a single environment. The restaurant culture is growing inside the city that has several award-winning restaurants and cafes. The local production allows the high-quality fresh food supply from local farms and coastal areas. The coffee and Halal Snack Pack become popular internationally and represent the city. The coffee culture throughout the city is popular due to diverse choices. The Melbourne coffee culture has an influence on the immigrants’ coffee traditions. The local fresh beans and barista skills make Melbourne a world-famous coffee capital. Culinary creativity is also popular and valuable for the chiefs of Melbourne that present the food in a unique way. 

Culture Capital

The culture and trends throughout the city have profound influence throughout Australia. You can find different theaters and performance spaces that host distinct cultural events. There are different festivals happening in the city that include Melbourne International Film Festival which is the largest Film event in Australia. There are different international celebrities that are from Melbourne including Cate Blanchett, Ruby Rose, Felix Mallard, and Ben Mendelsohn. 

City of Literature

Melbourne is one of the forty-four cities of literature design according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It has the purpose and value of the heritage of the city literature and contemporary literature activities. It is the best opportunity to interact with other associate UNESCO cities for cultural exchange in different domains like music and films. The city offers six libraries that are free to join for the public. You can explore the dinosaur skeletons in the Melbourne Museum. The national gallery of Victoria is the oldest gallery of Australia that highlights masterpieces like Françoise Gilot, ‘Blue Eyes’ and Mary Beale, ‘Portrait of a Lady’.

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