What is Perth Famous for? Complete Answered!

Perth is one of the best cities with beautiful surroundings, rich culture, and other unique properties. It makes this city a perfect destination for tourists with different mindsets. But there exist some factors that make the city worth seeing than any other factors. Don’t you want to know what is Perth famous for? Perth is famous for wildlife like Kangaroos, food options like Barramundi dish, stargazing at Gingin gravity tower, Perth Museum for town’s history and beaches like Cottesloe Beach or Bathers Beach.

We have wrapped up a few here that will let you know why you must visit this city and keep it on the top of the list when visiting Australia.

Diverse Wildlife

The major impactful factor that makes Perth famous is its diverse wildlife. At a short distance from the heart of the city, you can visit a large forest with rich wildlife. It isn’t like other forests or wildlife locations in the world as you see diverse wildlife there.

Along with this, the species of animals that exist there will change according to the months you are visiting. It is right to say that Perth has a nature calendar according to which animal species appear for months.

You can encounter the kangaroos in the western Australia especially in Perth. We can see Kangaroos everywhere without any fee.  Echidna is a shy mammal who lays eggs that can be found near Perth. Penguin Island is 5 minutes’ drive from the Perth mainland which is the best opportunity for nature tourists. It is the best opportunity to explore the life cycle of Penguins and their breeding colony.

Rich Food Culture

Another important factor to consider that encourages visitors to come to Perth is its rich food culture. It offers a variety of foods to its visitors ranging from Western foods to European foods, Chinese foods to Asian foods, and others.

Doesn’t matter what is your native town and which type of food you want to enjoy; you will find it there. It is right to say that different foods with various backgrounds will be in your access in this city. Isn’t it amazing to enjoy your favorite hometown food when you are away from it?

Perth has the access to the Indian Ocean that makes the fresh seafood accessible. The Western Australia produces the most wheat with the tradition of beef or lamb dishes. You can visit the Margaret River near Perth to experience high quality wines like cabernet sauvignon. Perth has the traditional recipes of meat pie with basic beef and pastry. Barramundi is a popular saltwater fish that is found in the Indo-West Pacific region. The cooking and culinary styles make the barramundi dish more appealing. There is no shortage of kangaroo meat because kangaroos are far more then people in Australia. Kangaro meat is low in fats with high protein. You have different restaurants option to try kangaroo dishes at wildflower Perth, Angel falls grill and The Meat & Wine Co Perth.

Memorable Stargazing

For tourists, stargazing is a popular hobby in which they sit under the sky and spend memorable nights. But it may be hard when you are visiting a city with a lot of lights making stars invisible in their intense brightness.

Don’t worry when you are visiting Perth as it is famous for stargazing. You can visit the desert or open landscapes just a few miles away from the city for stargazing. The sunset and night views of these places make the overall experience memorable. You will admire nature while sitting under the sky and watching the stars shining. We can book a day tour to gravity center to visit Gingin gravity tower and view science associate art works. You can experience the celestial objects through the simulation at SciTech Planetarium. It moves you far away from the Perth sky into space with the visualization for education or entertainment purpose.


Perth doesn’t let its visitors get bored even if they are lovers of historical events. One can easily explore the history of Australia, especially Perth, by visiting museums. If we say that this factor is the most important when it comes to learning what is Perth famous for, it will be right. The Museum of Perth preserves the history and heritage of Perth. The Perth Museum shares the photographs of important historical people of Perth like Francis Fraser Armstrong, Stephen Claudius Bonnefont and Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs. You can see pictures of the different places of Perth and their evolution over time like Perth Railway Station, Western Australian Cricket Association and Moana Chambers. You can learn about the demolished buildings of Perth including Mitchell Chambers and Hotel Adelphi.


Another thing that makes Perth a good destination for tourists is its beaches. This city has beautiful and appealing beaches with a remarkable background. You can find multiple beaches with forests in the background to have a scenic view in their pictures.

The sunset at its beaches is remarkable and can’t be forgotten by any person. It is right to say that you may not have seen this type of sunset in your life before and may not see it in the future. Cottesloe Beach is the starting place of surfing and attend the Rottnest channel swim event. Leighton Beach has white sand with clear water which is the best choice for sunbathing. We experience the best restaurants at Leighton beach like bib & tucker and Al Lupo Bar. Read about What is Melbourne famous for.

Final Wrapping

By reading this blog, you may have learned what is Perth famous for in detail with important factors making it the perfect place to visit. We recommend visiting this city of Australia on a priority basis if you are visiting the country. It will make your entire trip memorable and keep you happy for the next destination.

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