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Why are Persian Cats so Popular? Complete Answer!


If you create a list of the most famous cats in the world, then it is evident that you would write Persian cats in the top five. This cat breed is prevalent around the globe. But why are Persian cats so popular? Persian cats are famous for their snub noses, chubby cheeks, hairy coats, and multiple colors. This cat breed is human-friendly and affordable. The famous Persian cats on Instagram are Luigi the Lion Cat, Percy the Persian, lord Pizza Smoosh and Brimley Cat.

Persian cats, known as Persian Longhair, are known for their round faces and short muzzles. Persian cats named for marketing purposes in Europe, originating from Afghanistan, Iran, and adjacent regions. Modern genetic research suggests present-day Persian cats are related to Western European cat breeds. The Persian cat has everything that will be on the checklist of a cat lover. Cats are one of the best choices to have as a pet. This small species is adorable, lovely, and easy to keep as a pet. Here are the top reasons that make Persian cats the best choice to have as pets.

Wonderful Looks

Persian cats are very gorgeous in looks. Their flat noses, rounded cheeks, and hairy coats set them apart from the other cat breeds. A Persian cat looks so beautiful when it plays with you. These cats are friendly and love to sit in their owner’s lap. But this beauty comes with a demand for regular care, too. A Persian cat requires daily combing and weekly baths to keep its hairy coat looking lovely. Grooming of a Persian cat includes brushing, nail clipping, occasional bathing, eye and ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

Lavish Coat

Persian cats are famous for their luxurious hairy coats. This coat makes this species an incredibly soft, gentle, and smooth pet. It is always pleasing to run your fingers through the long hair of a cat. The furry coat needs so much care and maintenance, too. That is why some Persian cat owners prefer haircuts. The popular haircuts for Persian cats include Bell shave, Lion cut, and Hygiene cut. It does not affect the smoothness of their coat, and the cats look stunning after cutting, too.

Different Color Options

The Persian cat is a versatile breed. The color of Persian cat eyes varies through the color of their coat. White Persians have blue or copper eyes, and golden Persians have green eyes. Silver and gold are the rarest breeds of Persian cats. Persian cats have seven assorted color divisions: solid, tabby, particolored, bicolor, silver and gold, and Himalayan. You can pick the color you love the most.

Friendly Nature

Usually, cats do not feel comfortable with strangers. Persian cats are an affectionate breed that can play with strangers, too. This cat loves to sit on the lap, so it rushes toward the owner whenever he enters the house. Persian cats often sit in the laps of the stranger without any hesitation. This friendly nature makes these cats preferable to other cat breeds and makes them the perfect cat to have as a pet. Read about Famous Maine Coon Cats now.

Reasonable Lifespan

Persian cats live from twelve to twenty years; the average life of Persian cats is fourteen years. It means this cat will be a significant part of your life for a long time. The lifespan of Persian cats depends on the environment where they live. If someone keeps them as an indoor pet, the life of the cats usually goes longer, while the life will be shorter if these cats are outdoors. Environmental factors also affect the maintenance and grooming of these cats. Persian cats, kept as indoor pets, require less maintenance than cats kept in open environments.


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