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Why do Surfers Wear Anklets

Why do Surfers Wear Anklets?


Surfing is a popular water sport in summer. Not everyone on the beach is a surfer. A surfer rides with the waves of the ocean. There are experts as well as beginner level surfers. You can get professional surfing training from different institutes. Surfing training involves different types of exercises to improve your body balance on the board. At a beginner level, you can surf in any clothes. The expert surfers wear wetsuits, swim trunks and a rash guard. Do surfers wear something on their feet? Surf wear shoes made of neoprene and stretchable. You should select the right surfer shoes size because these are stretchable. You can also wear sunglasses to protect dazzling sun rays. Some people also wear anklets while surfing. So, why do surfers wear anklets? Surfers wear anklets for identification, style, sign of luck and leg pain issues. A surfboard leash is a safety equipment for surfers. It wears on the anklet and connects to the tail of the surfer board. In this article, we explore the various reasons to wear an Anklet as a surfer. 

Surfboard Leash Anklets

It is the anklet that connects to the surfer with the surfboard. The strap attaches to the surfer and the tail of the surfer board. The purpose of a surfboard leash is safety. It brings safety, reduces drifting and collision. You have to choose the surfboard leash according to your skill level. The longer surfboard is preferable for long waves. They are made from durable material that can not break with the consistent wear in touch. 

There is a proper cuff that surfers wear before wearing the anklet. You can find the surfer boards online and physical stores. You have to check the surfboard leash regularly for inspection. 

Style or Recogisation

Group of surfers can wear a bright yellow or blue color to spot each other while surfing. You can follow the anklet that associates with your personal style. It can be yellow, silver, blue or green. Some people wear metallic or board anklets for the sign of good luck. There is less room for accessories while you surf because your whole upper body is in constant motion. Your anklet remains at the place because it attacks your anklet properly. Never wear loose or too tight anklets while surfing. It may distract you from performing your surfing skill. Matching your anklet with your wetsuit or rash guard is the best idea. The simple string anklet also looks classy and brings extra detail to your style. Matching your sunglasses with an anklet can also give unique contrast. 

Compress Anklet

Sometimes, you may find the surfer wears a compressed ankle while they are not surfing. It is because they may get some leg injuries. The compression helps to reduce pain, swelling through improving blood flow. The ankle compression socks also maintain proper blood flow of feets. People get injured while surfing like any other sport. 

Buy Surfer Anklet

There are professional brands that sell surfing apparels for men and women like Outerknown or patagonia. You may not find any anklets from that brand. Wearing a stylish ankle while surfing is a personal choice. It may not be in trends but it can be noticeable and unique. You can find the surfer anklet from accessories brands. The stretchable ankle is the best choice because it may never fall off in the sea. Read about Do Men Wear Anklets now.

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